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    Smart form for better conversion

    👑 Arthur has decided to completely renovate the large castle gate that welcomes all…

  • Digital Marketing Maturity

    15 minutes to understand your journey in Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation !

    15 minutes to understand your journey in Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation !

  • Discover how AI is revolutionizing lead generation with Humanlinker

    Marketo tip #58

    Learn how to optimize lead generation with Humanlinker and Marketo thanks to AI and personalized strategies.

  • 20 Fun Facts About the Customer Journey and Lead Lifecycle

    Discover 20 fun facts about the customer journey and lead lifecycle to enhance your marketing strategies and boost customer engagement.

  • Lessons from a real-life B2B customer journey

    Optimizing B2B Lead Management

    Discover how to optimize the B2B customer journey to improve lead management and maximize your marketing ROI.

  • Understanding the Marketing and Sales Funnel

    ...and its relation to the Buyer Journey

    Explore the sales and marketing funnel with a detailed guide on each stage, key actions, and KPIs. Learn how to effectively manage and nurture leads to conversion.

  • What is a lead in marketing?

    Little Leonard's Encyclopedia #4

    What is a lead in marketing and why it’s crucial for business growth. Learn the differences between new and existing customer leads, inbound and outbound…

  •   Virtual

    AI Scoring with beyond traditional scoring

    Marketo Office Hour - 16/02/24

    Discover how AI scoring with revolutionizes marketing automation, offering predictive insights for personalized strategies and improved conversions.

  • Unraveling the Mysteries of Marketo Scoring: A Comprehensive Guide

    Marketo Office Hour - 09/02/24

    Unlock the secrets of Marketo scoring with Merlin/Leonard’s insights. Transform leads into wins by mastering demographic, firmographic, and behavioral scoring.


    A Journey Through the Chronicles of Data Protection

    At Merlin/Leonard, we have summoned the spirits of wisdom and insight to transport you…

  • Explore the Untapped Potential of the People Performance Report for Informed Decisions

    Marketo Office Hours - 26/01/24

    Explore the secrets of Marketo’s People Performance report for informed marketing decisions. Optimize your strategy with our in-depth analysis.

  • Optimize your Marketo Content Downloads to Boost Engagement : Tips from Sylvain Davril

    Marketo Office Hours - 19/01/24

    Find out how to maximize engagement via Marketo content downloads. Gated/Not Gated strategies, form placement and more.

  • The Keys to a Successful Marketo Setup: Tips and Tricks

    Marketo Office Hours - 12/01/24

    Discover our expert guide to effective Marketo setup. Tips, GDPR compliance and best practices included by Sylvain Davril

  • Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo: A Revolution in Customer Interaction

    Marketo Office Hours - 05/01/24

    Discover how Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo transform customer engagement into a personalized, interactive experience. Enter the era of dynamic communication!

  • Marketo Office Hours

    What are Marketo Office Hours? It is a free weekly support hour where Marketo…

  •   InfographicsMarketoSalesforce

    [Infographic]- The Best Weapons for Taming the Hydra of Poor Data Quality

    Your Strategic Arsenal for Data Warfare

      Like Arthur and his knights facing the Hydra, every marketing decision-maker must carefully…

  •   InfographicsSalesforce

    [Infographic] – CRM nightmares!

    Do you have a serious data quality problem?

    HD monster graphics: CRM nightmares! You dreamt about it again last night… Hordes of…

  • [Infographic] – 6 steps to digital maturity in B2B marketing

    A magna carta to keep you on track

    Are you about to (re)embark on the race to transform your digital marketing? You’ve…

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    Elevate your marketing automation game: the ultimate guide to delegating campaigns

    Revolutionise your marketing automation approach - Leverage the power of Marketo through expert delegation

    The current landscape of marketing automation is characterized by rapid technological advancements, increased data-driven…

  • [Infographic] – Unleash the magic of delegating campaigns

    Transform your marketing with a wave of our wand!

    Welcome, weary marketers, to the enchanted kingdom where the wand of delegation is mightier…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Marketo Email Personalization: A Modern-Day Arthurian Tale

    Marketo Tip #15 - Summoning Engagement: How Marketo's Personalization Tokens are the Modern Excalibur of Email Marketing

    In a blend of the magical and the modern, let’s explore Marketo email personalization…

  •   VideosMarketo

    How to Implement GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing through a Robust Preference Centre

    Marketo Tip #19 - The Locksmith's Alchemist's Laboratory: Mastering GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing

    Introduction: In the labyrinthine world of digital marketing, akin to an alchemist’s laboratory, navigating…

  •   PostsMarketo

    Why delegating your Marketo campaigns is your secret weapon

    Delegate your Marketo campaigns to lift your marketing automation strategy to new heights of efficiency, expertise, and financial savvy.

    In the grand tapestry of modern marketing strategies, there lies a secret weapon, as…

  • GDPR compliance quiz: take the ultimate quiz with Léonard!

    Unveil Leonardo Da Vinci's Secrets: The Ultimate GDPR Compliance Quiz for B2B Marketers!

    In the heart of Renaissance Italy, amid the genius of Leonardo da Vinci’s inventions,…

  • [Infographic] – GDPR Compliance checklist

    Discover our best practices

    5 rules for your GDPR Compliance – checklist In our checklist, you’ll find all…

  • Evaluate the degree of digital maturity of your SME

    What is your digital marketing maturity level? How do you know if your company…

  •   QuizzesMarketo

    Test your Marketo skills

    Evaluate your level of use of the Marketo tool in order to determine what…

  •   QuizzesMarketo

    Marketo Resources: did you know?

    Did you know how much we can use Marketo resources to deliver a memorable…

  • Are you ready for Marketo?

    11 questions about your marketing strategy and organization that will determine if you should…

  • Data Quality: where are you standing?

    Do you measure the impacts of bad data? How do you fight poor data…

  • Data Quality: Did you know?

    Assess your knowledge on data quality management. Do you know why it is important…

  • [Infographic] – the goals of conversational marketing

    In recent years, conversational marketing has become the new inbound marketing tool for brands…

  • [Infographic] – Data Quality cheat sheet

    Follow our recommendations to build your Data Quality plan

    In recent years, data has become the new grail of business. But only if…

  • [Infographic] – The 5 keys to Data Quality

    Merlin finally shares his magic formula

    In recent years, data has become the new grail of business. But the data…

  • [Infographic] – The 7 causes of marketing automation failure

    Avoiding the pitfalls of marketing automation: an in-depth exploration of the 7 common pitfalls

    Download our HD Infographic: The 7 causes of marketing automation failure Marketing automation has…

  • Marketo Certified Professional Exam Preparation Online Training

    Who is this training for? You have increased your skills on Marketo and you…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Triggers or real-time marketing in Marketo

    Marketo Tip #07

    🧙‍♂️⚔️👑 Embark on a journey of strategy and foresight with #MerlinLeonard and discover real-time…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Proving the value of marketing with Marketo’s Opportunity Influence Analyzer

    Marketo Tip #06

    🏰🧙‍♂️Salutations from the magical dominions of Merlin/Leonard! 🧙‍♂️🏰 Today’s tale from King Arthur’s 🤴court…

  •   VideosMarketoSalesforce

    Use your CRM Business Model in Marketo for a better Customer Marketing thanks to Marketo Custom Objects

    Marketo Tip #05

    🔮✨👑 [Marketo Tip #05 – Your business model comes to life with Marketo] 👑✨🔮…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Increase your productivity in Marketo thanks to a great foldering and the Marketo naming convention

    Marketo Tip #04

    👑✨ Listen up, you valiant knights of the Round Table! ✨👑 The kingdom of…

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    Stop the press ! How to correctly stop a launched Marketo Campaign !

    Marketo Tip #03

    🔮 Marketo Tip #03: Stop Your Marketo Campaigns with Ease and Avoid Problems! 👑…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Find out how to track your site visitors with Marketo

    Marketo Tip #02

    👑 Discover the new Marketo Tip! Track visitors to your site with Marketo. 👀…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Know how to interpret Marketo emailing reports

    Marketo Tip #01

    👑 Arthur, noble king of Camelot, are you lost in the meandering numbers of…

  • Marketo Certified Expert Exam Preparation Online Training

    Who is this training for? You have increased your skills on Marketo and you…

  • The Disappointed of Marketing Automation strike back

    6 most common mistakes

    Faced with the radical change in buyer behavior, marketing automation and new methods to…

  • Tips on Marketo : Web Personalization

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril gives some tips on Marketo Web Personalization. Tips on Marketo Web Personalization The…

  • Revolutionize Your Marketing with Beautiful Marketo Email and LPs Templates via OTOWUI

    Marketo Office Hours - 27/01/2023

    Hello, I’m Sylvain Davril from Merlin/Leonard. Today, I’d like to share with you a…

  • Marketo Advanced Online Training

    Who is this training for? You are a project manager or in charge of…

  • Marketo Essentials Online Training

    Who is this Marketo Essentials training for? You are a marketing manager, operational marketing…

  •   Virtual roundtablesMarketoVertify

    Rediscover the Power of Your Marketing: Marketo-CRM Integration with Vertify

    Marketo Office Hours - 13/01/13

    In the vast world of digital marketing magic, seamless integration between Marketo and your…

  • MOH – Marketo CRM integration – Take back control!

    Whether you have Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, an in-house CRM or even Salesforce…

  •   VideosMarketo

    Marketo Assets – Landing Pages, Emails, and Forms – Best practices and trends!

    Marketo Office hour - December 22, 2022

    What are the latest trends for Adobe Marketo smart forms ? The coolest Marketo…

  • MOH – Landing Pages, Emails, and Forms – Best practices and trends!

    An hour to discover some of our creations and give you ideas for your…

  • GDPR and data security in 2022

    Everything you need to know about GDPR and data security for B2B marketing in 2022

    The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) came into force in May 2018. Its aim…

  • Little Leonard’s Encyclopedia #2: Personas

    Buyer personas, lead generation, inbound marketing… You think we’re talking down to you with…

  • Conversational marketing: Definition and benefits

    For a few years now, conversational marketing has been a new inbound marketing tool…

  • Marketing dashboard heat maps click-open Marketo

    Marketo Office Hours - 06/02/2022

    Our marketing automation and CRM solutions are limited in terms of reporting, especially for…

  • Switching from Paperboard to Marketo

    Marketo office hours - 18/06/2021

    Today’s topic is how to go from a campaign plan on paperboard to Marketo:…

  • Content management – Marketo Office Hours special 05/07/2021

    Marketo Office Hours special 05/07/2021

    In this session of Marketing Office Hours, we’ll talk about planning and organizing your…

  • Smart list and advanced flow

    Marketo Office Hours

    In Marketo, smartlists allow you to build specific user groups based on simple filters….

  • How to set up advanced reporting – ETL – datawarehouse – and Tableau Software

    Marketo Office Hours - 17/12/2021
  • How to build your marketing dashboard

    Marketo Office Hours - 03/12/2021
  •   Virtual roundtablesMarketoTwentyThree

    Improve your emails’ engagement through personal videos

    Marketo Office Hours - 19/11/2021
  • Complete integration of Marketo and Google Analytics

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/10/2021
  • Get the best out of your content with DivvyHQ

    Marketo Office Hours - 01/10/2021
  • Magical personalization of emails with Velocity Script

    Marketo Office Hours - 10/09/2021
  • Make a good first impression with Web Personalization

    Marketo Office Hours - 27/08/2021
  • Landing pages best practices

    Marketo Office Hours - 16/07/2021
  • Next-gen webinars with TwentyThree

    Marketo Office Hours - 09/07/2021
  • Build a quiz with Outgrow

    Marketo Office Hours - 02/07/2021
  • Smart list and advanced flow II

    Marketo Office Hours - 30/04/21

    Sylvain – aka Léonard – prepared 12 exercises to go further in the understanding…

  • Transform your videos in Leads Machines with TwentyThree

    Marketo Office Hours - 16/04/2021
  • Acquisition Tracking

    Marketo Office Hours - 09/04/2021
  • Chantier Data Quality: the ultimate guide

    Everything you need to settle the matter

    Poor data quality is the evil that plagues marketing campaigns. In this article, Léonard…

  • Data Quality : Marketing stack ?

    Better understand the different solutions and their functionalities

    To fight a multi-headed hydra, it is essential to choose your weapons well in…

  • Align Marketing and Sales with Oneinsight

    Marketo Office Hours - 26/03/2021
  •   Virtual roundtablesMarketoSalesforce

    Breaking Silos: How Marketo CRM Synchronization Transforms Sales and Marketing Strategies

    Marketo Office Hours - 05/02/21

    Discover the secrets behind Marketo CRM synchronization for Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRMs.

  • Presentation and integration of Outgrow

    Marketo Office Hours - 26/02/21

    This session was dedicated to the conversational marketing tool Outgrow, partner of Merlin/Leonard. Sylvain…

  • Webinar best practices

    Marketo Office Hours - 12/03/2021

    Webinar best practices

  • Email creation in Marketo

    Marketo office hours - 05/03/21

    This session was dedicated to tips and best practices around email creation in Marketo….

  • Deciphering the GDPR Full Form: Venturing into Merlin/Leonard’s Communication Preference Centre

    Marketo Office Hours - 29/01/2021

    In the boundless realm of data protection, the GDPR full form – General Data…

  • Generix Group • Clara Guénand

    Marketing Manager

    Read the testimony of Clara Guénand, Generix Group, Marketing Manager.

  • Why do you need to improve data quality?

    Data Quality : Introduction

    If you read the specialized press, you must know that data is the new…

  • Data Quality: the 5 keys

    The "Checklist"

    Merlin finally shares with us his magic formula to fight poor data quality –…

  • Murex • Aurélie Turquier

    Marketing Operations Manager

    Discover the return of experience of Aurélie Turquier of Murex, who uses the services…

  • Marketing OPS – Team organization

    Marketo Office Hours - 22/01/21

    This session was dedicated to the organization of Marketing Ops teams and in particular…

  • What are the different conversational marketing solutions?

    Marketing stack

    Conversational marketing tools allow brands and businesses to improve the customer experience and attract…

  • Building effective customer segmentation

    Marketo Office Hours - 17/01/2022
  • Data Quality & Marketo

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/01/21

    This session was dedicated to Data Quality & Marketo. Sylvain guides us through the main…

  • AFP • Thomas Boykin

    Head of CRM and Marketing Automation

    Read the testimony of Thomas Boykin, AFP, Head of CRM and Marketing Automation.

  • 7 good practices for your preference center

    Our advice

    The preference center (PC) is an ideal tool for optimizing the customer experience, provided…

  • GDPR is 2 years old: quick review and setup of the preference center

    Our point of view

    2 years after the implementation of the GRPD (RGPD in French) by the European…

  • Subscribe to Marketo system alerts

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril talks about this handy underused feature: subscribe to system alerts marketo. Subscribe…

  • Quiz and satisfaction questionnaire

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    How to create a quiz or a satisfaction questionnaire integrated to Marketo? Quiz and…

  • User rights management & Marketo Web Personalization

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril looks at the management of user rights of Marketo Web Personalization. User rights…

  •   PostsOutgrow

    Calculators, questionnaires, quizzes and other online tests: why we chose Outgrow

    Our viewpoint

    Between a web page full of marketing blah blah blah and an online questionnaire,…

  • Build Marketo emails that won’t go unnoticed

    The Complete Guide

    Who has never heard “email marketing is dead”? Well, well, well! With over 90%…

  • Take back control of your Marketo CRM integration

    Our advice

    Ok, I’m aware: talking about Marketo CRM integration is not the most glamorous topic!…

  •   PostsSalesforce

    How does the Marketo Salesforce integration work?

    Our explanations

    How can Marketo Salesforce integration drive revenue? Marketing and sales are too often separated…

  • Engaging Marketo landing pages to boost conversion!

    Our advice

    We are in the middle of a schizophrenia when we have to make Landing…

  •   PostsMarketo

    GDPR consent: 5 ideas to turn your preference center to your advantage!

    Our recommendations

    The General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR – has been subject to many interpretations…

  • 14 ideas to boost your Marketo forms

    Our advice

    I explain in this article how to extend the functionality of your Marketo forms,…

  • Xeno’s Conversational Marketing to increase engagement

    Marketo Office Hours - 20/12/19

    How to increase the conversion of your website thanks to conversational marketing (Live chat…

  • GDPR: Visit of Merlin/Leonard Communications Preference Center

    Marketo Office Hours - 22/11/2019

    How to build a GDPR-compliant communications preference center with Marketo? How to limit unsubscribes…

  • Integration of Marketo with an external database

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril describes the steps to integrate Marketo with an external database (except Salesforce…

  • Marketo Email and dynamic attachment

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril presents how to add a dynamic attachment with the recipient. Marketo email…

  • QR Code & event

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril discusses productivity opportunities at a trade show, including QR code scanning. Scan…

  • Tracking site customer area and custom activities

    Marketo Office Hours - 25/10/19

    Sylvain Davril discusses the problem of tracking activities on a customer space site whose…

  • How to share a customer journey and a campaign plan with Miro

    Marketo Office Hours - 08/11/19

    Sylvain Davril presents how he formalizes customer journeys at Merlin/Leonard; and how he can…

  • Pre-filling of Marketo forms

    Marketo Office Hours - 25/10/19

    Sylvain Davril discusses the change made by Marketo regarding form pre-filling. Change in the…

  • Marketo performance and form display problems

    Marketo Office Hours - 25/10/19

    Sylvain Davril discusses Marketo performance and form display issues. Marketo performance and form display…

  • The 5 ingredients for a successful emailing

    Our advice

    When he wrote to Vivian to win her heart, Merlin did not praise his…

  • Practicing Marketo without training: the 10 mistakes of the layman

    The basics

    Are you a digital native and understand any new interface you come across very…

  • How to get trained and learn all about Marketo

    Our advice

    Your company has chosen Marketo and we congratulate it! You are about to discover…

  •   E-booksMarketo

    Econocom: Marketo support boosts digital transformation

    Customer Case

    Discover how Merlin/Leonard orchestrated the deployment of the Marketo solution within Econocom, a European…

  • [QUIZ] – Digital Marketing Maturity Gain Calculator

    Our advice
  • Quiz: Evaluate the level of digital marketing maturity of your company

    Our advice

    What is your digital marketing maturity level? How do you know if your company…

  • Delivering on commitments: SunTseu and the genesis of the customer experience

    My testimony

    It’s sometimes hard to trust someone at first, especially if they are a potential…

  • Marketing automation without strategy is only ruin… of the weapon!

    Our advice

    The royal way to crash your digital marketing: bet everything on the marketing automation…

  • How to build your marketing budget in 2019?

    Our advice

    With Leonard, we decided to launch remote workshops (the famous webinars) around our approach…

  • Little Leonard’s Encyclopedia #3: Content Marketing

    Our advice

    Doing inbound marketing without first defining a content marketing strategy is a bit like…

  • Put a turbo in your marketing engine with lead nurturing

    Our advice

    On October 16th of this year, the intelligent marketing automation solution provider Plezi gave…

  • Monster infographic: CRM nightmares!

    Our explanations

    You dreamt about it again last night… Hordes of zombie duplicates were attacking you,…

  • Maturity of B2B digital marketing: the “Demand Generation” (4/7)

    Our advice

    Here, at last, is the continuation of the journey towards B2B digital marketing maturity!…

  • Artificial intelligence Marketing automation: the solution to overcome the last obstacles

    Our point of view

    Your progress on the path to digital maturity has allowed you to align sales…

  • The preference center: the gateway to the customer experience

    Our point of view

    The preference center is the ideal tool for permission marketing. It keeps your messages deliverable,…

  • Digital Customer Experience: a beacon in the night

    Our point of view

    You’ve probably heard of digital transformation. Whatever the name, you’ve already come across the…

  • Poor Marketing: the three deadly sins of the marketer

    Our perspective

    The Mercator is your bible and Seth Godin your spiritual guide. You are full…

  • Infographic: Achieving digital maturity in 6 steps

    Our advice

    Are you getting ready to (re)embark on the race to transform your digital marketing?…

  • What is good marketing? Three fundamentals to never forget!

    The basics

    Marketing has come a long way since the digital revolution, the emergence of social…

  • How to upgrade your prospecting machine?

    Our point of view

    Back in 2016, I had a feeling that this marketing automation and inbound marketing…

  •   PostsMarketo

    Marketing automation project failure: how to recover?

    Our advices

    Often poorly deployed or oversized, marketing automation tools can lead you straight into the…

  • How I converted to marketing automation

    My testimony

    Running a company is not always easy… And I have learned a lot from…

  • Little Leonard’s Encyclopedia #1: Marketing Automation

    Our advice

    We talk to you about marketing automation, lead generation and gated content and… you…

  • B2B digital marketing maturity: the first three months and the content strategy (2/7)

    Our advice

    The maturity of B2B digital marketing continued… As a reminder, here is the first…

  • Maturity of B2B digital marketing: the implementation of marketing automation (3/7)

    Our advice

    After preparing the base camp to start your digital marketing climb, and the launch…

  • B2B Digital Marketing Maturity: Prepare for the Long Journey (1/7)

    Our advice

    First in a 7-part series on digital marketing maturity, find out today how to…

  • Coffee, croissants, Marketo special “Demand Generation”

    It was already back to school last week… But for those who braved the…

  •   PostsMarketo

    GDPR: what to expect and how to prepare?

    Our explanations

    The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), you’ve heard about it at the local…

  • Improve your Customer Journey with Content Marketing

    Our point of view

    In this blog you will read several times that it is now essential to…

  • Stop making Com…

    Our vpoint of view

    … engage in conversations with your prospects. During the Client Nomination Club on April…

  • Succeed in the international deployment of your marketing automation project

    Our advice

    You have decided to equip yourself with a solution for an international deployment of…

  • Calculate your marketing ROI with Marketo and Kaspersky

    Instructions for use

    To be able to calculate your marketing ROI with Marketo (return on investment) in…

  • The importance of using a Marketo certified company

    Our explanations

    In order to get started on Marketo, it is important to be accompanied by…

  • Tracking on Marketo

    The Guide

    When you hear the word “tracking”, the first words that come to your mind…

  • Pilot your content marketing with Limber

    The Guide

    In the article “how to align my content strategy and my customer journey”, we…

  • Send emails efficiently with Marketo

    Our advice

    « The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing. » Tom Fishburne – Marketoon Studios What…

  • The applications on Marketo

    The basics

    You want to install new Marketo applications to optimize its operation but you do…

  • How to integrate Marketo with your IS and CRM

    The Guide

    You are about to buy Marketo and you wonder if you can integrate it…

  • Social media and Marketo

    Our point of view

    Over the last few years, we have witnessed a major evolution in consumer habits…

  • Omni channel Marketing: personalize your website according to the user with Marketo

    The Guide

    Personalize your website according to the user – all in real time, Real Time…

  • Manage a content library in Marketo

    The basics

    In Marketo, all your content is grouped in the Design Studio, this is where…

  • How to measure the ROI of your campaigns in Marketo?

    The Guide

    Marketo is a comprehensive platform, not least because you can measure ROI – the…

  • How to personalize your content in Marketo?

    The basics

    Thanks to Marketo you now have a platform that allows you to automate all…

  • How do I align my content strategy with my customer journey?

    The Guide

    That’s it! After many adventures, numerous surveys to determine your buyer personas (or “targets”)…

  • Allocadia helps you justify your Marketing Investments

    Our point of view

    You have just come out of the management committee, and your CEO has just…

  • 10 signs that you are ready for marketing automation

    The "Checklist"

      To improve its customer journey and relationship, your company will most likely opt…

  • Gamification or the art of using games in your business

    Our explanations

    We saw in the previous article that personal branding is as important for a…

  • (Re)Taking control of Marketo

    The Guide

    Is Marketo software like a bicycle? To take in hand a new tool, whatever…

  • Loyalty in the age of customer experience

    Give your customers a funny, enriching and if possible unique and moving experience

    Retention. You will often hear that it costs less than acquisition. “It’s always easier…

  • My first steps on Marketo with the Quick Start


    You’ve probably already heard of marketing automation but you don’t have a very clear…

  • Marketing budget nightmare with a spreadsheet

    Our point of view

    In September, you will surely start again this infernal circle that is the creation…

  • Retargeting & acquisition

    The Guide

    Who doesn’t dream of having a second chance? That possibility of being able to…

  • Aligning Your Sales and Marketing Teams: A Practical Guide

    The Guide

    SunTseu – Soirée Alignement Ventes et Marketing from SunTseu We all know the story: People who…

  • The steps of a Digital Marketing revolution

    Our advice

    Switching to an inbound marketing strategy is never easy, which is why Sylvain Davril,…

  • Smart Data, green campaigns

    Our point of view

    How do you engage your leads/prospects through the use of data? This is the…

  • Challenges and opportunities of a marketing automation solution

    Talend Testimony

    After Sylvain’s introduction, the floor was taken by Cécile Maindron, Senior Manager in charge…

  • The 5 rules of modern marketing

    Our point of view

    Modern marketing is about customer engagement, which in turn is about a number of…

  • Automate your prospecting

    Testimony- IKO System

    Let’s continue the interventions of the Marketing Engagement Breakfast with the presentation of Nicolas…

  • From Outbound Marketing to Smart Outbound Marketing

    Our advice

    You’re a fan of Thai food and yet you still get messages about Mexican…

  • ROI and Digital Marketing

    Our advice

    A crowd at the doors of the stores, stamping their feet, ready for the…

  • Personal branding, amplification and ambassador community

    Our point of view

    Knowing how to promote yourself: personal branding We all have in our hearts the…

  • Improve results by aligning sales and marketing

    Our advice

    The image of team sports as a metaphor for teamwork is as old as…

  • 10 good reasons to choose Marketo

    Our viewpoint

    You’ve heard a lot about it and you’d like to acquire this new “toy”…

  • Integrate Marketo to CRM with our application

    Our explanations

    Marketo CRM Generic Sales Insight from SunTseu Since December 2014, the entire Merlin/Leonard team is proud…

  • The new rules of marketing

    Our advice

    How digital marketing can improve the customer experience (3/4) <<Previous article: Old school marketing:…

  • The importance of the marketing automation solution and concrete examples at Marketo

    Our explanations

    How Digital Marketing can improve the customer experience (4/4) << Previous post: The new…

  • The “old school” marketing: communication saturation and blind steering

    How Digital Marketing can improve the customer experience (2/4)

    << Previous post: Customer Experience and the importance of the customer journey   SunTseu…

  • The customer experience and the importance of the customer journey

    How Digital Marketing can improve the Customer Experience ? (1/4)

    SunTseu – les fondamentaux du Digital Marketing part 1 from SunTseu   A great time For…

  • Customer journey modeling, the first step towards a successful customer experience!

    Let’s say I decide to go to the movies this weekend. I have several…

  • Introduction to Customer Experience in 8 points

    Delivering a memorable customer experience

      Point 1: What is Customer Experience? The customer experience is the set of…

  • Marketing automation deciphered

    The basics

    “In our marketing department, people are drowning in Excel …” If this is the…