From Outbound Marketing to Smart Outbound Marketing

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You’re a fan of Thai food and yet you still get messages about Mexican food (and again, and again)… and, on top of that, you hate this type of cuisine… No kidding… How many of us have this (bad) adventure happened to?

I – Outbound marketing ? Has Been !

Your consumers are over-solicited, over-motivated, over-booked… So “be careful” with your mass mailings. We quickly forget, that time is well and truly over. Globalization has multiplied the number of your competitors and the Internet has given power to your consumers who can quickly go elsewhere (one click and they are gone). They will run away from you and these farewells will not leave room for beautiful reconciliations. No, no. Outbound? Still overused today, as we explain in this article on “old school” marketing.

IKO prospecting flow

White Paper “Prospecting Machine – IKO System

II – Towards intelligent outbound marketing

We’ve often advocated it on this blog, we recommend moving your budget smoothly towards inbound marketing. Disadvantage: the results, even if they will be spectacular, will take a little time to arrive, and on the other hand, it is impossible to accelerate the movement. So it’s quite complicated if you have to reach the quarterly sales quota and there are 10 days left… you can’t rely on inbound marketing. What’s the solution? Go back to outbound? Yes, but smart outbound marketing! But then how?

Demographic data

You define your target and detail in which sector the company operates, its location, its size. Once the company is defined, you detail the profile of the people to contact: function, decision level, place of residence AND the score attributed according to the keywords contained in the job title.

Behavioral data

They are the key to intelligent outbound. They will allow you to be less intrusive and to contact your prospects with a real value propositionIKO System offers you a platform that allows you to find “hot” prospects, i.e. those likely to be converted quickly. Behavioral criteria here refers to the behavior of companies. For example, IKO will use data from press releases. The criteria are multiple:

  • Recruitment wave.
  • Launch of a new product.
  • Use of a specific technology.
  • Opening new offices.
  • Collaboration with one of your partners.
  • Canvassing by a competitor.

IKO then performs a query in order to have qualified leads with a score assigned in order to prioritize them. They will then be more easily identified by your sales teams.

III – How it works with IKO System

IKO System has developed its prospecting solution based on the fact that salespeople only actually sell 41% of their working time.

Distribution of a salesperson's time

White Paper on Sales Action – IKO System

The rest of the time? Lost in searching for information or completing it.

Distribution of a salesperson's time

White Paper on Sales Action – IKO System

IKO has multiple partnerships that allow it to draw on a large pool of data. This includes data from press files, sector data, and company data…. IKO uses no less than 60,000 sources of information worldwide from Reuters, AFP, Zoominfo, or Hoover’s in particular. With so much information, you can really find the leads you need. With leads pre-qualified, your sales teams don’t waste time and can focus on results.

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