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I’m a bit obsessed with personality analysis 😉 As my personality is a bit extreme in the MBTI sense (INTJ with three scores of almost 10), I’ve always had trouble making myself understood. I was delighted to discover Humanlinker, which allows me to write beyond my own personality!

Personalization is essential to capture prospects’ attention and convert them into customers. Each of us reacts better to our own communication styles. This is where advanced tools like Humanlinker come in.

In this article, discover how artificial intelligence (AI) can analyze personas, create personalized engagement sequences and synchronize the results with your CRM, transforming your approach to lead generation.

Being able to use personas in message writing at last!

What do you think of the invitations below?

Proposal 1:


I cordially invite you to our next webinar on the theme of “Lead Generation of the Future”. This will be a valuable opportunity to explore how artificial intelligence can analyze your prospects’ personalities, create automated engagement sequences on LinkedIn and by email, then synchronize these results with your CRM and Marketo.

Your expertise combined with these advanced tools can transform your marketing approach.

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Proposal 2:


I’m pleased to invite you to our next webinar on the theme of “Lead Generation of the Future”. Together, we’ll discover how AI can help you detect your prospects’ personalities, create fun, automated engagement sequences on LinkedIn and by email, and send the results directly to your CRM and Marketo.

This will be a dynamic and interactive session – don’t miss this exciting opportunity!

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The two texts say the same thing in substance, but address two different types of personality. Normally one of these texts must have “resonated” more with you. Each of us has a different personality and responds better to styles that are unique to us.

Humanlinker: Personalization and relevance on a grand scale

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Discover how to make lead generation relevant, personalized, but on a grand scale. Humanlinker helps your sales reps approach new prospects on LinkedIn rather than through a cold email sequence. Here’s what we’re going to find out with Humanlinker.

Introduction to Humanlinker

Humanlinker is a plugin on LinkedIn, but also an application. It allows you to create personalized engagement sequences with prospects on LinkedIn, who are more likely to agree to be contacted than with a cold email. Indeed, people present on Linkedin will more naturally agree to be contacted via this channel.

Personality analysis

When you’re on your LinkedIn profile, you’ll see an “Engage” button from Humanlinker. This button allows you to see the personality of the contact you’re looking at, based on the DISC model. You’ll see a full personality analysis, and Humanlinker will give you tips on how to engage with that person: likes, dislikes, what motivates them.

Creating Icebreakers

Humanlinker lets you create Icebreakers to engage that person and send them a connection request on LinkedIn. The magic of Humanlinker lies in using the detected personality to craft the message. Humanlinker uses generative AI to create different messages based on the personality of the contact and the scenario described.

Generating personalized messages

For example, if you schedule a webinar on lead generation, it will find a link between a recent LinkedIn post by the person and your value proposition. You’ll be able to select and copy the text to engage the person. Humanlinker uses either the person’s recent posts, detected business signals or company posts.

Creating complete campaigns

You can also generate emails, comments on posts automatically, and create complete engagement campaigns. On your dashboard, you’ll see your open campaigns, messages opened, replied to, and a personalization rate showing how well Humanlinker has personalized campaigns to personas.

You can define the value proposition of each campaign stage, choose the genre of your communication and the language. Engagement steps can include LinkedIn comments, connection requests, LinkedIn messages, email follow-ups, etc., all automatically generated by Humanlinker.

Adding contacts

Contacts can be added directly from LinkedIn via the Humanlinker plugin, imported from recommendations, a CSV file, or directly from your connected CRM. Humanlinker automatically enriches contacts with emails, LinkedIn profiles, personalities, firmographies, buy signals, fundraisings, recruitments, investments, partnerships, LinkedIn posts, and web activity.

This enables you to generate relevant messages based on company news or posts published by the person, and to contact the person either via LinkedIn or email.

The contacts are then enriched in your CRM and therefore in Marketo. You can then continue the campaign in your preferred automation solution.


I’ll tell you more at the July 11 webinar. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover how AI and Humanlinker can transform your lead generation strategy by delivering personalized and effective solutions at scale. Sign up now

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