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  •   Virtual roundtables MarketoOtowui

    Create beautiful email & LP Marketo templates with OTOWUI

    Marketo Office Hour - January 27, 2023

    We present OTOWUI this Friday in our #Marketoofficehour @10AM CET with Charles. First impressions…

  • Conversational marketing: Definition and benefits

    For a few years now, conversational marketing has been a new inbound marketing tool…

  • Why do you need to improve data quality?

    Data Quality : Introduction

    If you read the specialized press, you must know that data is the new…

  • Murex • Aurélie Turquier

    Marketing Operations Manager

    Discover the return of experience of Aurélie Turquier of Murex, who uses the services…

  • What are the different conversational marketing solutions?

    Marketing stack

    Conversational marketing tools allow brands and businesses to improve the customer experience and attract…

  • AFP • Thomas Boykin

    Head of CRM and Marketing Automation

    Read the testimony of Thomas Boykin, AFP, Head of CRM and Marketing Automation.

  • Quiz and satisfaction questionnaire

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    How to create a quiz or a satisfaction questionnaire integrated to Marketo? Quiz and…

  •   Posts Outgrow

    Calculators, questionnaires, quizzes and other online tests: why we chose Outgrow

    Our viewpoint

    Between a web page full of marketing blah blah blah and an online questionnaire,…

  • Xeno’s Conversational Marketing to increase engagement

    Marketo Office Hours - 20/12/19

    How to increase the conversion of your website thanks to conversational marketing (Live chat…

  • GDPR: Visit to the Merlin/Leonard Communications Preference Center

    Marketo office hours - 22/11/19

    How to build a GDPR compliant communications preference center with Marketo? How to limit…

  • Econocom: Marketo support boosts digital transformation

    Customer Case

    Discover how Merlin/Leonard orchestrated the deployment of the Marketo solution within Econocom, a European…

  • Delivering on commitments: SunTseu and the genesis of the customer experience

    My testimony

    It’s sometimes hard to trust someone at first, especially if they are a potential…