Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo: A Revolution in Customer Interaction

Marketo Office Hours - 05/01/24

45mn   Medium Level

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, innovation is the key to success. At Merlin/Leonard, we strive to explore the latest features offered by market leaders such as Marketo, to bring you cutting-edge solutions. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of “Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo” – a revolution that’s transforming customer interaction.

  • 00:00 Introduction
  • 01:09 Chatbot setup and Adobe Admin Console
  • 04:53 Dialogues vs Conversation Flow
  • 20:57 Chatbot filters and triggers
  • 24:25 Dialog scenarios – Callback and Live Chat
  • 26:09 Setup of LiveChat profiles
  • 36:29 Questions and Answers

What is Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo?

Dynamic Chat and LiveChat from Marketo are advanced communication tools designed to enhance online engagement with your customers. They offer an interactive, real-time approach to connecting your website visitors with your team, optimizing the user experience and accelerating the conversion process.

Key benefits :

  1. Instant interaction: LiveChat enables fast, direct communication, reducing response time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. Personalization: With Dynamic Chat, every interaction can be customized to the user’s specific needs, offering a tailor-made experience.
  3. Easy Integration: These tools integrate effortlessly into your existing Marketo infrastructure, enabling centralized management and in-depth analysis of customer interactions.


  1. Configuration: Access Dynamic Chat via adminconsole.adobe.com. Here you can manage user access rights and customize settings to suit your brand.
  2. Web integration: For optimum performance, integrate Dynamic Chat with your website. This ensures smooth, consistent interaction with visitors.
  3. Conversational Flow Management: Use Conversational Flows to trigger interactions based on specific user actions, such as opening a page or filling in a form.

Example in Action:

Let’s take a scenario where a visitor enters your site and fills in a form. Immediately, Dynamic Chat is activated, offering personalized interaction and suggesting an appointment with a sales representative. This responsiveness increases the chances of conversion and improves the customer experience.


The integration of Marketo’s Dynamic Chat and LiveChat represents a giant step forward in the way we interact with our customers online. At Merlin/Leonard, we’re excited to explore these new frontiers of customer engagement. Join us on this adventure and discover how these tools can transform your marketing approach.

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