Presentation and integration of Outgrow

Marketo Office Hours - 26/02/21

50mn   Expert Level

This session was dedicated to the conversational marketing tool Outgrow, partner of Merlin/Leonard.

Sylvain welcomed Akshay Saluja, Head of Growth & Client Success at Outgrow, People, who gave us a detailed presentation of the interactive content solution from simple quizzes to more complex calculators and questionnaires, and how to integrate Outgrow and Marketo.

Why Merlin/Leonard chose Outgrow

There are few solutions that have the dual functionality (data enrichment and value-added response) and as a bonus the native connection to Marketo.

Introduction by Akshay Saluja, Business Head of Outgrow

Akshay gave us a tour of the trends in conversational marketing, the types of content that exist and their benefits.

Examples of interactive content in the education sector

Akshay took a look at different examples of quizzes and calculators built with Outgrow.

Examples of more complex calculation and rule-based content in the software/applications sector

Akshay presented us with several ideas of possible interactive content from top to bottom of the funnel.

Outgrow – live demo

From Outgrow, Akshay showed us step by step how the solution works

  • Marketo – Outgrow integrations
  • Choose the type of interactive content
  • Build the interactive content in the builder
  • Configure the content in the configurator
  • Monitor the content in the dashboard

Outgrow and GDPR

The solution is fully developed in accordance with the data protection regulations.

The advantages of using Outgrow

There are many elements that make this solution a good choice:

  • Access to complex functionality and advanced calculation rules
  • Ease of implementation
  • Availability of several designs and templates
  • High level of support with a 24/7 team
  • International reputation: customers and recommendations
  • Case studies
  • Outgrow’s marketing team available to support all interactive content development and deployment strategies.

Marketo Outgrow integrations

Sylvain explained how the integration of the 2 instances worked.

Outgrow Pricing Model

A flexible model that can be adapted to every need.

To learn more, check out our article on calculators: it’s full of examples, tips and content ideas for your conversational marketing.

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