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<p>Enhance your marketing efforts with a well-integrated marketing stack. Streamline operations for better efficiency and results</p>

  •   Infographics MarketoSalesforce

    [Infographic]- The Best Weapons for Taming the Hydra of Poor Data Quality

    Your Strategic Arsenal for Data Warfare

      Like Arthur and his knights facing the Hydra, every marketing decision-maker must carefully…

  •   Infographics Salesforce

    [Infographic] – CRM nightmares!

    Do you have a serious data quality problem?

    HD monster graphics: CRM nightmares! You dreamt about it again last night… Hordes of…

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    [Infographic] – the goals of conversational marketing

    In recent years, conversational marketing has become the new inbound marketing tool for brands…

  • [Infographic] – Data Quality cheat sheet

    Follow our recommendations to build your Data Quality plan

    In recent years, data has become the new grail of business. But only if…

  • Tips on Marketo : Web Personalization

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril gives some tips on Marketo Web Personalization. Tips on Marketo Web Personalization The…

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    Revolutionize Your Marketing with Beautiful Marketo Email and LPs Templates via OTOWUI

    Marketo Office Hours - 27/01/2023

    Hello, I’m Sylvain Davril from Merlin/Leonard. Today, I’d like to share with you a…

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    Rediscover the Power of Your Marketing: Marketo-CRM Integration with Vertify

    Marketo Office Hours - 13/01/13

    In the vast world of digital marketing magic, seamless integration between Marketo and your…

  • Marketing dashboard heat maps click-open Marketo

    Marketo Office Hours - 06/02/2022

    Our marketing automation and CRM solutions are limited in terms of reporting, especially for…

  • Switching from Paperboard to Marketo

    Marketo office hours - 18/06/2021

    Today’s topic is how to go from a campaign plan on paperboard to Marketo:…

  • How to set up advanced reporting – ETL – datawarehouse – and Tableau Software

    Marketo Office Hours - 17/12/2021
  • How to build your marketing dashboard

    Marketo Office Hours - 03/12/2021
  •   Virtual roundtables MarketoTwentyThree

    Improve your emails’ engagement through personal videos

    Marketo Office Hours - 19/11/2021