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<p>Enhance your marketing efforts with a well-integrated marketing stack. Streamline operations for better efficiency and results</p>

  • Infographic: the goals of conversational marketing

  • [Infographics] – Data Quality cheat sheet

    Follow our recommendations to build your Data Quality plan

    In recent years, data has become the new grail of business. But only if…

  • Tips on Marketo : Web Personalization

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

    Sylvain Davril gives some tips on Marketo Web Personalization. Tips on Marketo Web Personalization Thetips…

  •   Virtual roundtables MarketoOtowui

    Create beautiful email & LP Marketo templates with OTOWUI

    Marketo Office Hour - January 27, 2023

    We present OTOWUI this Friday in our #Marketoofficehour @10AM CET with Charles. First impressions…

  •   Virtual roundtables MarketoVertify

    Marketo CRM Integration – Take back control with Vertify!

    Marketo Office Hour - January 13th 2023

    Integrating Adobe Marketo with your CRM is key to a better marketing. And with…

  • Switching from Paperboard to Marketo

    Marketo office hours - 18/06/2021

    Today’s topic is how to go from a campaign plan on paperboard to Marketo:…

  • Data Quality : Marketing stack ?

    Better understand the different solutions and their functionalities

    To fight a multi-headed hydra, it is essential to choose your weapons well in…

  •   Posts Outgrow

    Presentation and integration of Outgrow

    Marketo Office Hours - 26/02/21

    This session was dedicated to the conversational marketing tool Outgrow, partner of Merlin/Leonard. Sylvain…

  • Email creation in Marketo

    Marketo office hours - 05/03/21

    This session was dedicated to tips and best practices around email creation in Marketo….

  • Data Quality: the 5 keys

    The "Checklist"

    Merlin finally shares with us his magic formula to fight poor data quality –…

  • Marketing OPS – Team organization

    Marketo Office Hours - 22/01/21

    This session was dedicated to the organization of Marketing Ops teams and in particular…

  • What are the different conversational marketing solutions?

    Marketing stack

    Conversational marketing tools allow brands and businesses to improve the customer experience and attract…