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Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

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How to create a quiz or a satisfaction questionnaire integrated to Marketo?

Quiz and satisfaction questionnaire integrated to Marketo

The Facts

Marketo – although I am a fan of this solution – is not ideal for managing satisfaction questionnaires

  • complicated, not impossible, to make multi-page questionnaires
  • limited formatting of forms, largely sufficient for lead gen, but not adapted for a satisfaction questionnaire
  • no history of the answers natively on a custo object, the answers must be carried to the Person table. The next completed questionnaire deletes the previous answers.
  • Marketo cannot natively make on-the-fly calculations based on the information entered in the form, and therefore cannot display a ROI calculation on a landing page response for example

The initial need

  • Easily create quizzes and satisfaction surveys
  • Integrated with Salesforce and Marketo
  • Have a history of responses, not just the last quiz/questionnaire completed
  • Quizzes should be able to calculate and report in real time based on the information provided

The solution

We have chosen Outgrow which meets all these criteria. The video shows you a rather long demo.

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