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Identify the online journeys to deploy/improve and automatically collect data from your prospects and your customers.


To real-time prospects and customers requests.


Thanks to customers knowledge and Marketo functionalities.


Easily send real-time communications to your audience.

Scoring & Lead Lifecycle

Interactions will be mapped and weighted to automate highlighting of leads maturity.

Autonomy + On-demand Support

Your teams should be autonomous and independent by the end of the project but will always be able to rely upon our tailored on-demand support.

Automation Best practices

We will set up your Marketo instance in order to automate your campaigns. We can look after the full process.


We will synch your Marketo to your information systems (web, CRM, Datawarehouse, call centre…)


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Kick Off   

Audience: Marketo Champion + Marketo Users + DSI representative
Driven by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objectif : Share objectives and governance in place

  • Share plannings and gouvernance
  • Introduction of campaigns to be created by client
  • Listing by Merlin/Leonard of necessary prerequisites for each workshop


  • Detailed planning
  • Organisation by workshop
Marketo Set-up   

Duration: 1 Day
Audience: Marketo Champion
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objectif :Have preset Marketo instance

  • Training on admin part and configuration of the platform
  • Technical setting of platform (in prod)
  • Rights, roles, users profiles
  • Additional fields created in Marketo
  • First leads migration (1 source)
  • Setting of emails deliverability
  • Creation of channels and tags
  • Naming convention and folder hierarchy adoption and deployment
  • Setting of websites tracking

Prerequisites: Have access to Marketo, Have access to the person in charge with network, Have a clean set of data to migrate. This workshop is dedicated to client with one Marketo instance (pleas contact us if you have a Sandbox)


  • Marketo platform set up and ready to be used (production)
  • Adapted settings and configuration to client's data
Training - Marketo Essentials    

Discover Marketo and its functionalities and create your first campaign

Duration: 2 Days
Audience: Marketo Champion + Marketo Users
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objective : Learn to use standards Marketo functionalities on autonomous and efficient way.

  • Trained team on Marketo environment (terminology and interfaces), able to globally use the platform

You will learn

  • To manage your data from the module "Lead Database".
  • To create your own emails, landing pages and forms templates from the "Design Studio".
  • To set up marketing programs and campaigns from A to Z including smart lists, segmentations, automation, triggers, ...
  • To set up and check RIO and performance reporting via "Analytics".
Training Content
Day 1
Lead Database
Design studio
Marketing activities
• Users & Roles management
• Field management overview
• Channels & Tags
• Segments
• Creation of lists et smart lists
• Import leads
• Duplication management
• Images and files library
• Creation of emails, landing pages and forms templates
• Review of different kind of programs
• Channels and tags set up
• Review of different reporting kinds
• Creation and personalization of operational reporting
• Creation of gated content download program
Day 2
• Finishing up the gated content download program

Prerequisites: Have Marketo logins, Know your access level (Administrator or user), day dedicated to set up Marketo

Training - Marketo Advanced   

Reach autonomy on Marketo and set up your programs templates, ready to be cloned and used!

Duration: 3 days
Audience: Marketo Champion + Marketo Users
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objective: Learn how to use all types of resources and prepare programs templates, ready to be cloned and used in the future

  • By experience, we noticed that Marketo users start being autonomous on the platform after taking the Marketo Essentials training and 5 to 8 workshops of real-life campaigns creation.
  • Marketo Champion and Marketo users will create the campaigns from scratch under the supervision of Merlin/Leonard project lead. Once set, those campaigns will become reference programs to develop future newsletter, gated content download and contact form and any form based campaign program (etc webinar, events etc)
  • Example of created campaigns
    • Set up of a program for gated content download campaign with its template program + update of existing contact forms on website by Marketo form
    • Set up of a contact us program with its template cprogram + update of existing content download forms on website by Marketo
    • Email campaign + A/B testing
    • Set up a newsletter campaign program with its program template + update of existing newsletter registration forms on website by Marketo form
    • Set up of a event management program and its program
    • Set up of a nurturing program

Reporting are created in each program.


  • Campaigns are ready to be used and cloned from:: newsletter, events, nurturing, gated content download, contact us
  • Teams gain in confidence and autonomy
RGPD & Preference Centre Workshop   

RGPD compliant

Duratio:  2 days
Audience: Marketo Champion
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objective: Collect explicit consent from all visitors in order to exchange with them

  • Set up of the program to manage detecting implicit interests from visitors browsing in your digital eco-system
  • Development and set up of a tailord preference centre of communication RGPD compliant, allowing you to:
    • Update of personal data
    • Choice of interests centers (prefilled for the implicit preferences)
    • Choice of opt-in / explicit consentsli>
    • Management of right to be forgotten
    • Management of option to pause communications
    • Management of right o be informed
    • la gestion de la désinscription
  • Create all campaigns, LP and emails in Marketo
  • Migrate existing optin/optout
  • Develop and set up the communcation campaign to launch the new preference


  • Operational Prefrence Centre ready to be used
Sales & Marketing Alignment Workshop   

Gather the different points of view and define commun language and processes

Duration: 1 Day
Audience: Marketo Champion + Marketo Users + Sales represantatives
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objective: Bring way of working between sales and marketing teams together to maximise your marketing strategy execution

  • Educate Sales teams changes happening on the Marketing side and the impacts and direct consequences of Marketing Automation (ex : less leads but better qualified ones)
  • Clearly define transitions rules from Marketing to Sales and vice- versa (agree together upon qualification rules, enrichment mechanisms, lead duplication rules, lead assignements rules, etc…)
  • Set a commun vocabulary with celar definitions (leads, qualified leads, opportunities…)
  • Define together scoring basis and lead lifecylce (on paperboard)
Prerequistes: Having detailed and documented process from Sales side (qualification, assignation, deduplication, recycling, etc…)
Scoring Workshop   

Duration: 1 Day
Audience: Marketo Champion
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objective: Automatically score each prospects and customers interaction. s

  • Working scoring program, easy to use, expand and update if necessary
  • Demographic, firmographic and behavioral scoring
  • Team ready to make necessary adaption and evolutions to the provided scoring model

Prerequisites: Having access to Marketo instance, attended Sales & Marketing alignment workshop, read Marketo white papers and documentation on the subject, thought through the best-fitted scoring model for your situation.


  • Scoring program ready to be used
Lead Life Cycle Workshop   

Automation of leads statuses along the funnel

Duration: 1 Day
Audience: Marketo Champion
Led by: Merlin/Leonard Certified Marketo project manager

Objective:Easily idenfity the qualified leads ready to be handed over to the Sales team

  • Lead lifecycle program ready to be used and adapted to your needs
  • Team ready to make necessary adaption and evolutions to the provided lead cycle model

Prerequisites: Having Marketo access, attended Sales & Marketing alignment workshop, set a clear model of sales pipeline (triggers, steps, etc…)

Deliverables :

  • Lead Lifecycle Program ready to be used and data correction/transition to model
"Your first Campaign" Workshop
Your first two email and landing page templates
Follow-up Support : 14 hours
from 8.600 €
from 9.500 €
from 14.100 €

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, your presence is important. Merlin/Leonard’s philosophy is that Marketo implementation projects should be a “four-way street” so that our clients learn to be self-sufficient. At the beginning of the project, you are informed of the exact workload expected from each member of the project team.

It all depends on your level of maturity: we think it’s more effective to start with some of Marketo’s features and that others are reserved for more mature organizations. To evaluate your level of maturity, take our digital maturity quiz

For the project to succeed, a user project manager, i.e. from marketing, is imperative. The project team must be multidisciplinary. Our consultants are trained to address both your IT and sales colleagues.

Today, 50% of the clients we have assisted no longer call on us. The other half continue to call on us occasionally or regularly to make further progress, or for ongoing assistance following an internal reorganization.

No problem, we can deliver the project and documentation in English.

Of course! We come to your place to conduct the workshops, unless otherwise specified (remote support for example)

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