Artificial intelligence Marketing automation: the solution to overcome the last obstacles

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Your progress on the path to digital maturity has allowed you to align sales and marketing, optimize your campaigns and only pass on really hot leads to sales… But sooner or later you will be blocked by a major obstacle: the human natureSe! Discover how artificial intelligence, coupled with marketing automation, can help you overcome tedious exchanges and gain efficiency.

The limits of human beings

The human brain is fueled by pleasure, and we sometimes seek immediate gratification at the expense of the company’s interest: we’ll put off a task that bores us, prefer lunch with an old client/potato to an afternoon of phone calls, or even neglect a prospect because we have a “lukewarm feeling” about him. A Conversica study determined that for all of these reasons (good or bad), 77% of prospects were not getting the follow up they deserved, and even 38%… were not being followed up at all! As a result, all the leads hard detected by the beautiful lead generation mechanics fall into oblivion, and your ascent to digital maturity takes a hit (Remember the 6 steps to digital maturity…).

Across the seas and over the mountains… the virtues of perseverance
If we could put aside our feelings, moods and egos and engage in lead nurturing without reluctance, we would discover that persistence pays off. A customer who has expressed interest in your offerings won’t be offended by your insistence on starting a conversation with them: the least you can do is to let them know that the interest is mutual. Studies show that, too often, salespeople give up after two unsuccessful attempts, when it would take between seven and ten to reach the appointment goal!

Access the magnum opus with artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) has no preconceived notions or moods. It can focus on a conversation with a prospect and respond in a timely manner, 24 hours a day, seven days a week if necessary. And most importantly, AI doesn’t take offense: it remains polite, in all circumstances and with all prospects.

Conversica, Merlin/Leonard’s choice

Merlin/Leonard has chosen Conversica as its partner in conversational AI. This solution integrates natively with most CRM and marketing automation solutions. It offers far superior functionalities to all those chatbots that we have all experienced with varying degrees of success.

Much more than a chatbot

First of all, Conversica’s conversational AI is not just an instant messenger on a web page: its natural language processing capabilities allow it to analyze entire texts (it doesn’t just “scan” them for key words that, taken out of context, too often give rise to misunderstandings). Conversica is capable of conducting real conversations by email or SMS – conversations that involve as much back and forth as necessary to meet customer expectations.

Always ready!

Conversation with customers and prospects, let’s face it, is not always super exciting (“Could you print my badge at the show?”, “What is your availability in the next two months?”). Conversational AI, however, will be able to handle it with the same enthusiasm and speed as if it were the deal of the century every time!

Conversational AI allows salespeople to take the burden of small talk off their shoulders and focus on the tasks where humans are – for some time to come – irreplaceable: empathy, strategic decision making, innovation and creativity.

For more information, visit the page of our partner Conversica.

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