Monster infographic: CRM nightmares!

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You dreamt about it again last night… Hordes of zombie duplicates were attacking you, while the master of CRM, the very dangerous Salesforçator, was preventing you from finding the exit. You couldn’t wake up or clean up your contact database! But was it really just a dream or do you have a serious data quality problem?

Data quality : CRM nightmares

We’ve been warning you for a long time about messy databases… It was bound to happen. One full moon, a misplaced potion, a misalignment of planets and… tragedy. The coordinated assault of all the monsters in your CRM has taken out your castle, which you thought was so well protected. And yet, a quality database is essential to start automating your campaigns and get you on the road to demand generation. The lead-zombies, inactive for years, the lead-hyders that have not been deduplicated since ancient times, the headless leads, due to your contact forms that are too flexible or to predecessors that did not fill out the CRM… All these monsters did not come from a remote corner of Transylvania: they are the fruit of the poor quality of your data!

data quality

The obscurity of CRM

Do you feel helpless in the face of your complex CRM-to-gas? Are your salespeople not sufficiently trained to deal with the sunken worlds of the Salesforce back office? There are no breadcrumbs or wax wings to help you deal with the Minotaur that lurks in the bowels of your untidy databases. However, you can urgently launch the construction of your data quality. Technological tools are powerful tools to industrialize your digital prospecting… but when they are too complicated to use, it is better to get help to avoid being helpless!

The CRM clinic: purifying with fire

In the past, wildfire worked miracles to protect you from barbarian invasions… To fight against your gangrenous databases, to help your insufficiently trained sales representatives or to counter their bad practices (lead theft for example…), there are solutions. Don’t stay alone. Don’t give up.

Have you seen one of these monsters? Maybe you’ve even seen a new species, endemic to your system? It’s more serious than we thought… Your CRM needs care. Your contact databases can still be saved. Make an appointment at the CRM clinic now! Don’t take no for an answer: your data quality project should be a priority.

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