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Progressing in digital marketing maturity is an indispensable marketing strategy”… “We must adopt new marketing techniques to make our company prosper and satisfy our customers”… We need to adopt new marketing techniques to make our business grow and satisfy our customers”… But how do you measure the benefits of an optimal digital maturity? Are you sure you are not mobilizing your resources in vain? It’s time to calculate the precise revenue and margin gains of your digital marketing! Fortunately, Merlin/Leonard thinks of everything… Discover our digital marketing maturity gain calculator!

Digital marketing maturity gain calculator: how does it work?

After measuring your digital marketing maturity level with our quiz (a prerequisite: take five minutes to take the test), some information about your company (number of SQL generated annually, annual margin, etc.) and some magic Merlin formulas will help us calculate the precise revenue and margin gain. But not only that! We can help you prioritize the areas of improvement!

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Increase your turnover with an optimal digital maturity

Testing our digital marketing maturity gain calculator will allow you to measure the effectiveness of your past actions… but also future ones! Are you already able to devote all your efforts to building a solid demand generation mechanism? Is it better to start clearing your marketing automation site? With the Merlin/Leonard calculator, you will get a detailed estimate of your progress margins on the various digital maturity sites.

Measure the efficiency of your digital marketing mechanisms and estimate precisely the potential to allocate resources (human and financial) dedicated to your rise in digital marketing maturity! Leonard’s genius (a few amphigoric algorithms and clever calculations) and Merlin’s magic (a few digital-alchemical formulas…) will help us build together an action plan to accelerate your performance and improve the efficiency of your marketing. Discover the Merlin/Leonard Digital Marketing Maturity Gain Calculator now!

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