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<p>Enhance your efforts with relevant marketing KPIs. Gain insights and optimize your campaigns for maximum returns and business growth.</p>

  • Explore the Untapped Potential of the People Performance Report for Informed Decisions

    Marketo Office Hours - 26/01/24

    Explore the secrets of Marketo’s People Performance report for informed marketing decisions. Optimize your strategy with our in-depth analysis.

  • [Infographic] – The 7 causes of marketing automation failure

    Avoiding the pitfalls of marketing automation: an in-depth exploration of the 7 common pitfalls

    Download our HD Infographic: The 7 causes of marketing automation failure Marketing automation has…

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    Proving the value of marketing with Marketo’s Opportunity Influence Analyzer

    Marketo Tip #06

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    Find out how to track your site visitors with Marketo

    Marketo Tip #02

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    Know how to interpret Marketo emailing reports

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  • Marketing dashboard heat maps click-open Marketo

    Marketo Office Hours - 06/02/2022

    Our marketing automation and CRM solutions are limited in terms of reporting, especially for…

  • How to set up advanced reporting – ETL – datawarehouse – and Tableau Software

    Marketo Office Hours - 17/12/2021
  • How to build your marketing dashboard

    Marketo Office Hours - 03/12/2021
  • Complete integration of Marketo and Google Analytics

    Marketo Office Hours - 15/10/2021
  • Building effective customer segmentation

    Marketo Office Hours - 17/01/2022
  • [QUIZ] – Digital Marketing Maturity Gain Calculator

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  • Calculate your marketing ROI with Marketo and Kaspersky

    Instructions for use

    To be able to calculate your marketing ROI with Marketo (return on investment) in…