[Infographic] – The 7 causes of marketing automation failure

Avoiding the pitfalls of marketing automation: an in-depth exploration of the 7 common pitfalls

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7 reasons why your marketing automation might fail

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Marketing automation has become an essential tool for any company seeking to optimize its marketing efforts and increase its return on investment. However, misuse or poor deployment of this tool can lead to disappointment and even failure. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed infographic summarizing the common causes of marketing automation failure. This article explains how to avoid the 7 causes of marketing automation failure.

Overview of the infographic

Our infographic provides an overview of the seven main causes of marketing automation failure, namely lack of marketing strategy, lack of alignment between marketing and sales teams, inadequate content strategy, poor knowledge of marketing automation best practices, and poor organization of the marketing team. For each cause, we propose relevant solutions to remedy them and ensure the success of your marketing automation.

  1. Lack of marketing strategy
  2. Lack of alignment between marketing and sales
  3. Inadequate content strategy
  4. Errors in crucial marketing automation programs: scoring and lead life cycle
  5. Low level of marketing team maturity
  6. Poor organization of the marketing team
  7. Lack of Marketing Automation best practices

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