Triggers or real-time marketing in Marketo

Marketo Tip #07

10mn   Beginner Level

🧙‍♂️⚔️👑 Embark on a journey of strategy and foresight with #MerlinLeonard and discover real-time marketing!

Think of King Arthur, vigilant in his stronghold – the market; with his brave knights – his team; and the elusive Morgana – the unexpected guest. 🎯

Suddenly, a brilliant light signals – not Excalibur, but equally potent – a #MarketoTip! 💡

Led by our in-house wizard, Sylvain Davril 🧙‍♂️, Arthur discovers the secret to Marketo’s real-time triggers. Now, he’s prepared to foresee and plan based on Morgana’s potential actions.

When Morgana fills a form at the castle entrance, a real-time alert is sent to Arthur. His knights receive immediate notifications. Arthur, acting as a skilled leader, conveys instant alerts to his knights, his call to arms echoing throughout the castle. 🏰

Employing the journey tracking spell, Arthur keeps track of Morgana’s progress within the castle. He’s prepared for every action, each step, ready to react when required.

With #MarketoTriggers, Arthur morphs his castle into a hub of real-time customer engagement.

Be the King Arthur of your market with #MerlinLeonard. Leverage Marketo’s capabilities to make customer data your ally. Let our #MarketoTips aid you in crafting a legendary success story! 🎵

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Posted By Sylvain

For the past 20 years, Sylvain has been choosing and assembling the best technologies for his key account clients, to help them create a successful end-to-end customer experience. Surely the Leonard of the team, he is a fan - and expert - of Marketo! He sits next to his clients, drives them forward and makes Marketing Automation projects succeed with his team.