Explore the Untapped Potential of the People Performance Report for Informed Decisions

Marketo Office Hours - 26/01/24

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In the maze of marketing automation tools, Marketo stands out for its ability to transform complex data into strategic marketing decisions. One of its often underestimated treasures is the People Performance report. Sylvain Davril, founder of Merlin/Leonard, recently revealed the mysteries and potential of this tool during a captivating session at the Marketo Office Hours. This article invites you to delve into the world of the People Performance report, the Holy Grail for marketers in search of decision-making precision.

  • 00:00 Introduction to the global report
  • 03:24 Additional columns
  • 07:05 Drill down
  • 08:38 Opportunity columns
  • 18:45 Campaign vision

The People Performance Report: An Unloved Tool?

The People Performance Report suffers from a reputation for complexity that masks its true value. In reality, this tool is a magical bridge between raw data and strategic decisions. Sylvain Davril guides us through the basic configuration of the report, focusing on tracking people created, month by month, enabling detailed analysis of the evolution of your contact base.

Grouping for better management

The need to group data by specific criteria, such as person attributes or opportunity attributes, lies at the heart of the People Performance report’s power. This functionality opens the door to a multitude of analyses, such as segmentation based on behavior or specific interactions with your campaigns.

Add Columns for a 360° View

Adding customized columns is a unique feature of the People Performance report, enabling you to precisely track the evolution of statuses in a contact’s lifecycle. Sylvain illustrates this capability with the example of creating columns for each lead status, offering a clear view of individual paths within your marketing funnel.

Exploration beyond People Creation

Although initially designed to track the creation of new contacts, the People Performance report excels in exploring interactions and conversions. By adding opportunity columns, for example, you can measure the direct impact of your marketing actions on new business generation.

Towards Advanced Personalization

The session led by Sylvain Davril emphasizes the importance of personalizing the report to meet the specific needs of each company. Whether to filter contacts according to their origin, or to analyze the key stages of a specific campaign, the People Performance report proves to be a flexible and powerful tool.

Conclusion: a strategic decision-making tool

Far from being a simple counting tool, the People Performance report is a true ally in the quest for enhanced marketing performance. By exploring its possibilities, you can not only improve your understanding of the dynamics of your contact base, but also make decisions based on accurate, relevant data.

Through this exploration with Sylvain Davril, we discover that the People Performance report is a catalyst for transforming data into concrete action. Like Merlin in his quest for enchantment, or Leonardo da Vinci in his revolutionary inventions, marketers armed with this tool can truly create magic in their campaigns, leading to unforgettable customer experiences and optimized marketing performance.

Join us on this adventure where the magic of Merlin and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci meet to decipher the mysteries of marketing automation with Marketo. Discover how the People Performance report can transform your marketing strategy into a work of art, where every piece of data becomes a brush in the artist’s hand.

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Posted By Sylvain

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