Optimize your Marketo Content Downloads to Boost Engagement : Tips from Sylvain Davril

Marketo Office Hours - 19/01/24

50mn   Medium Level

Hello everyone! In our latest “Marketo Office Hours” session, hosted by yours truly, Sylvain Davril of Merlin/Leonard, we delved into the fascinating world of Marketo content downloads. The objective? To equip you with the best strategies for optimizing the engagement of your prospects and customers. Today, I’d like to take you through the key points of this session, which focused on the eternal question: Gated or Not Gated?

The Great Dilemma: Gated or Not Gated?

In the realm of Marketo, every marketer is faced with this dilemma. Whether or not to put valuable content behind a Marketo form is a strategic decision. As in the quests of Merlin the Enchanter, the choice between the magic of Gated (locked content) and the charm of Not Gated (free content) depends on the added value you wish to offer in exchange for your visitors’ contact information.

My mantra? Content behind a form must be a sufficiently desirable treasure for the visitor to agree to entrust you, at the very least, with their email address.

Form strategy: where to place them?

The choice of where to place your form grimoire – on a Marketo Landing Page (LP) or directly on your website – is crucial. Using Marketo LPs can be like working in Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop, where each invention (or LP) can be created independently, without waiting for help from the IT team. However, let’s not forget the importance of harmony between your LP and the main site, so that the user experience remains magical and coherent.

The Art of Progressive Profiling and the Magic of UTMs

Imagine you’re Merlin, and each form is a spell that allows you to get to know your visitors better, without pestering them with too many questions at once. That’s where Marketo’s Progressive Profiling comes in, enabling you to collect additional information with every interaction, gradually transforming your anonymous visitors into loyal knights of your brand.

UTMs, meanwhile, are like the stars guiding the magi. They help you trace the origins of your content purchasers, providing you with valuable data on the path taken by your visitors before filling in your form.

Conclusion: Creating an Enchanting Experience

Ultimately, optimizing your content downloads in Marketo isn’t a simple decision between Gated and Not Gated. It’s a delicate art that requires juggling value proposition, user experience and information gathering, all with judicious use of the magic tools at our disposal.

At Merlin/Leonard, our mission is to accompany you in this quest, bringing a hint of magic and a touch of genius to transform every interaction into a memorable experience.

Remember: behind every form, every download, lies an opportunity to forge a deeper relationship with your prospects and customers. Use these moments wisely and creatively, and you’ll see, the realm of engagement will hold no secrets for you.

See you soon for a new adventure at the heart of Marketo magic!

Sylvain Davril, your guide to the enchanted world of marketing automation.

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