What is good marketing? Three fundamentals to never forget!

The basics

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Marketing has come a long way since the digital revolution, the emergence of social networks and the progress of artificial intelligence – which has not finished surprising us. The patent marketer feels more pressure than ever to stay on the cutting edge and not miss the turn of these fabulous technologies that will allow him to finally do good marketing.

The « bon marketing » ?

But first, what is good marketing? Beyond fashions and trends, here are three fundamentals that do not change: they may be obvious, but it does not hurt to remind them!

1. Good marketing is marketing that works

Of course. But what else? “Walking” here means achieving the objectives set, doing the job and reaching the expected results. Yes, it doesn’t matter if the content is premium, the texts witty, the campaigns well oiled or the hyper avant-garde technologies: what counts is to “find your kids”. Define the right success indicators beforehand and stick to them. Knowing the return on investment so as to favor only those actions that are worthwhile. Like a scientist, the marketer is constantly trying to evaluate his formula to improve his results – and this task is infinite, since the market is constantly evolving!

Modest marketing
A good marketer has no preconceived notions about what works until he or she has tried it, and knows how to question his or her beliefs when they become obsolete.

2. Good marketing is respectful

He may be a seducer, but with good manners. He did not wait for the RGPD to understand that without the consent of the object of his advances, it was better to abstain. He knows how to listen, understand and adapt to better attract to him. Targets, whether they are private or professional, have had enough of heavy-handed flirts: they will know how to reward more subtle lovers with their favors and their loyalty! Indeed, fidelity is his hobby:

  • He doesn’t look for one-night stands;
  • He does not hesitate to wait and establish a relationship of trust;
  • Time (and his ability to listen) is his best ally.

3. Good marketing is good for customers, as well as for you

He removes a thorn from the client’s side who was wondering how he was going to solve his problem. It brings him the solution on a plate. And this is possible because within the organization, it is the job of marketing to try to understand this famous problem that the customer has; it will be the voice of the customer and will annoy its colleagues as long as the offers do not answer this problem. And “offerings” is meant in a broad sense, covering products, services and experience. Finally, good marketing should generate more than satisfaction: recognition! Let’s not be naïve, marketing works first and foremost for the prosperity of its company. But this prosperity will be ensured in the long term if the customer is satisfied, and vice versa.

Far from making us forget these timeless facts, modern marketing technologies, such as marketing automation, allow us to work towards them more and more. But then, will tomorrow’s marketing necessarily be better? Unfortunately, no. Serious dangers still threaten it for a long time… to learn more, don’t miss the second article Bad marketing: the three deadly sins of the marketer. Tatatan.

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