Data Quality: the 5 keys

The "Checklist"

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Merlin finally shares with us his magic formula to fight poor data quality – aka Evil -: his Data Quality Checklist! Don’t waste any more time, get access to this detailed and valuable infographic that will help you control and improve your data quality.

Before that, if you still don’t know why you should improve data quality, take a look at the linked article.

To make it easier for us, Merlin has listed the 5 key elements to make sure your data doesn’t fall on the side of evil. For this, your data must be :

Infographic the 5 keys to data quality
checklist data quality

1 – Documented

Control your data with good governance

  • Data governance must be put in place (we must know who is the master of each piece of data);
  • A data dictionary must exist across all business and IT organizations;
  • A data mapping for each system integration;
  • business rules that govern the data calculated, such as segmentation and consent….
  • Implement a data quality culture: the first one to detect it will correct it

2 – Integrated

Enter information only once

  • no one should have to re-enter the same data in two different systems;
  • Integration must be in real time (or near real time) to avoid simultaneous data entry on both sides and loss of information;
  • Build a Data Mapping to ensure that the right fields are associated.

3 – Automated and Enriched

Get value-added data automatically

  • don’t ask your prospects or sales people to fill in data that you can deduce or fetch from outside, their time and attention is too precious for that;
  • the enrichment and automation process must be documented;
  • format the data correctly (capitalization / addresses / phone);
  • track your acquisition sources;
  • keep track of your status change dates.

4 – Just

Measure your data quality

  • create a data quality indicator that mixes elements of information completeness, recency, accuracy and validity.
    the data must be :
  • homogeneous in the lists of values ;
    • correctly arranged in the right fields (phone in phone, country in country…) ;
    • complete ;
    • and recent.

5 – RGPD compliant

Use your data serenely

  • ask yourself: “do I have the right to use this contact data?”; the answer must be provided by the data you have collected
  • manage the right to information and the right to be forgotten;
  • Collect consent by purpose and capture consent dates.

Download the complete Data Quality Checklist infographic now and with all of these elements, Merlin ensures you have an effective, standards-based formula against evil.

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