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In the article “how to align my content strategy and my customer journey”, we conclude on the importance of the distribution of your content marketing and in particular of their alignment with your customer journey.

But like any concept or strategy, how do you implement it? At SunTseu, our content strategy is driven by Limber, a social marketing management tool.


Limber automates your content marketing

Limber lets you store, edit, organize, distribute and measure the impact of your content on a single platform.
It also aggregates all the social channels you want: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn profiles of you and your employees; company pages and storefronts; WordPress and Yammer accounts.
And you can do it all directly online without having to download anything.

  • Promote all your content: power point presentations, infographics, pdf’s, white papers, videos, any resource can be used via Limber with a URL.
  • Use your collaborators‘ networks: develop a community of ambassadors, collaborate or delegate the management of your social networks.
  • Amplify your visibility by carefully defining distribution scenarios and your different types of content.

Manage your content marketing with Limber
Overview of the Merlin/Leonard platform on Limber

The use of Limber is based on four main features:

CENTRALIZE all your content sources

In order to deliver continuous information to your channels, you may not have the ability to produce blog posts 24/7. Content curation is a quick and easy way to maintain your presence on social networks: share news from your industry, from your areas of expertise. In Limber, what does it look like?

  • RSS feeds: add and find all the latest publications from your RSS feeds to manage your curation in a few clicks.
  • Blog posts: find your latest content published via your RSS feeds and distinguish the content that belongs to you from the content you relay from external sources.
  • PDF documents: you can add a pdf document directly on the platform
  • Create an article in your WordPress CMS directly from Limber: one of your collaborators has a content idea? He can write it in Limber and publish it in one click in your WordPress platform for validation and/or formatting by your community manager for example.

ORGANISEZ vos contenus

Limber allows you to structure your different shares by campaign: define your objectives, group your content feeds and your posts by theme, subject, offer, product, … and analyze your performance by campaign.

These will be systematically associated with keywords that will be used to filter your news feeds or your already shared content. They will also be automatically transformed into #hashtag in your Twitter or Facebook shares according to the chosen campaign.

Manage your content marketing with Limber
Filter your content by keywords in Limber

AMPLIFY your visibility

One of the pillars of this platform is its amplification scenario building tool. In short, you find a new content to share, you choose the right campaign, the right scenario and then … All your content unfolds at once and all you have to do is customize your different shares.

Moreover, thanks to its unique semantic engine, Limber suggests different text extracts that it automatically identifies in the content to personalize each share.

And that’s it, your thirty LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter posts are ready to be propagated on the web!

Why “spread”? Because your Company Pages alone have a significant weight, but if you add all your collaborators‘ profiles, your reach explodes!
Don’t hesitate to involve the members of your team, who can either automate their sharing themselves or delegate the management to you.
And if by chance one of your colleagues is a bit reluctant, the share moderation tool allows you to send an email notification for each share planned in his name. The person can then validate/modify or delete the share if they wish.

ANALYZE your results

The Limber homepage presents you with a dashboard for an overview of your activity on Limber. Global and simple, it includes the latest news content, a graph of your 30-day stats (shares and clicks) and the last three shares you’ve posted as well as the next three scheduled.

Pilot your content marketing with Limber
Your statistics at a glance in Limber

By user, campaign or content, you will also be able to identify at a glance which topics generate the most clicks.
Weekly reports will be sent to you by email to summarize the performance of all your shares for the previous week.

Want to start automating your content marketing? We’re a Limber Partner, so don’t hesitate to contact us !😉

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