Email creation in Marketo

Marketo office hours - 05/03/21

50mn   Beginner Level

This session was dedicated to tips and best practices around email creation in Marketo.

Anne-Sophie showed us step by step how to create an email in Marketo from the settings in the admin part to the personalization and the dynamic contents, passing by the design and the things not to forget.

Parameterize your emails

How to fill in in the admin part the different default elements like the name of the sender, the sending address, the reply address, etc…

Marketo’s system-links

These system-links will allow the tracking of subscriptions and the visualization in web version of an email in particular.

CC emails and tokens

Go further in the automation with the parameterization of the CC field.

Creating emails in Marketo: the template picker

The notion of template, the usefulness of having several templates – correctly named to identify them well – and the choice of the right template were discussed before launching into the actual creation of the email.

Marketo’s Email Editor

From, reply to et subject lines : deliverability and a/b testing

The email modules

We have seen here the nature of the blocks, their flexibility, the variables attached to the block, the dynamic content, and html code specific to Marketo.

Example of image insertion in the email

How to build Marketo modules

Anne-Sophie went into the code part of the email and showed us the different characteristic elements of html at Marketo.

Test, test, test!

The importance of testing your emails to avoid display problems with customer emails.

Email templates and master templates

Best practices for email templates.

Email settings in the Marketo email editor

We have seen in particular :

  • inform if email is or is not operational,
  • activate the web view by default,
  • fill in the preheader
  • set the CC parameters

The “forward to a friend” module

An often forgotten good practice.

The Tokens

There are different kinds of tokens: Tokens based on database fields and My Tokens.

The Snippets

What is a snippet and how to use it.

To go further, we invite you to read Anne-Sophie’s article which explains how to build emails in Marketo that won’t go unnoticed.

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