Little Leonard’s Encyclopedia #3: Content Marketing

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Doing inbound marketing without first defining a content marketing strategy is a bit like building an army without foot soldiers. To avoid putting the sled before the unicorns, our encyclopedia sheds light on this key digital marketing concept.

What is content marketing?

Definition of content marketing

Content marketing, content strategy or web editorial strategy… This marketing concept has several names. It aims to create and distribute to your customers and prospects, informative content, fun and high value added.

Content marketing vs. advertising

Today, especially in B2B, a prospect does not hesitate to compare opinions before buying. They are often looking for educational, transparent and entertaining content. The strategy of selling your product by relying on a sales pitch and advertising “in the buff” is no longer sufficient. Content marketing should allow you to build trust with qualified prospects. If they see you as a credible, funny, intelligent, etc. source of information, then you’ve won (or almost won)!

The objectives of content marketing

“I get it. But what is the purpose of this, Master?”

To convert, by Merlin’s beard! That is, to fulfill your digital marketing objectives. Thanks to effective and relevant content, it’s no longer you who go looking for the customer but the customer who comes to you.

In concrete terms, a good content marketing strategy should allow you to

  • Increase traffic on the website and improve its quality
  • Generate leads
  • Improve the SEO of your website with the creation of unique, original and well referenced content
  • Strengthen your expertise in your sector
  • Improve customer loyalty

How to set up an effective content marketing strategy?

Define your buyers personas

Your company’s content marketing must integrate your marketing strategy and therefore your typical customer and prospect profiles… Yes, it’s simple: you need to know who you are going to talk to! The first step is to define your buyers personas.

Prioritize quality

No one wants to read an incomplete article, one that skims over information, or content that has no added value. If at the end of this article you still don’t know what content marketing is, you’ll want to nail us to the pillory (and we won’t blame you).

So how do we do it?

  • Differentiate yourself by looking for THE content that hasn’t been published yet
  • Have a “tone” of your own (I assume you’ve noticed ours)
  • Involve experts
  • Vary the formats and media
  • Be creative in content and form
A rich and diversified content
When we talk about content, we’re not just talking about blog posts. It’s important to vary formats, angles and media to create engagement. Note: good content doesn’t have to be long. Give priority to quality over quantity.

Think about the regularity of publications

The effectiveness of a content marketing strategy depends as much on the quality of the content as on the regularity of the messages. Put as much rigor into writing relevant texts as into publishing them on fixed dates to establish a logic of weekly, monthly, etc. “appointments”.

What to remember? The content marketing strategy is essential to the implementation of your digital marketing tools. To define a content strategy in line with your marketing objectives and your DNA, we advise you to get help from experts. In the meantime, why not read our white paper on digital marketing maturity?

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