Test your Marketo skills

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Evaluate your level of use of the Marketo tool in order to determine what the next steps are for you: an introductory training in Marketo, an advanced training on mastering the tool or even obtaining the MCE certification for you to be recognized as a Marketo expert?

Quiz - Which Marketo training for you?

Quiz - Which Marketo training for you?

Test your Marketo skills!

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PARTIE 1 - General & operational use of Marketo
Q1. In order to track the activity of visitors on your website, what technical parameter should be implemented?
Q2. What do we need to use dynamic content?
Q3. What can we do with a Marketo form?
Multiple possible answers
Q4. Where can we use tokens?
Multiple possible answers
Q5. Is it possible to limit the number of marketing emails to be sent per day and per week to the same person?
Q6. You want to stop sending content to a group of people in an existing engagement program. What should you do?
PARTIE 2 - Lead Management (Scoring and Lead Lifecycle)
Q7. In which smart campaigns should you use a “change data value” flow with the “Person status” attribute?
Q8. You manage in your CRM 4 company sizes in a selective list (1-100, 101-500, 501-2000, 2000+). You want to manage different demographic scores based on business size in real time. A business can grow or shrink in size.
Q9. In order to send personalized messages to sales teams, you must create in Marketo:
Q10. In order to add the behavioral score and global score points on a lead who performed an action to be scored (e.g. opened an email), you need:
PARTIE 3 - Data Quality Management
Q11. What best practices can be implemented to maintain and improve the quality of data in Marketo?
Multiple possible answers
Q12. What best practices can be implemented to maintain order and organization in Marketo?
Multiple possible answers
Q13. Acquisition tracking is key to answering the question “where do leads and revenue come from?” ". What needs to be implemented to be able to answer this question correctly?
Multiple possible answers
Q14. In order to improve the quality of the database, you can set up in Marketo:
Multiple possible answers
PARTIE 4 - Reporting & Analytics
Q15. What criteria does Marketo use to identify the programs that most influence sales and opportunities?
Q16. When should custom columns be added to a People Performance report?
Q17. Which two columns in the Program Performance report are calculated based on the acquisition program?
Multiple possible answers
PARTIE 5 - CRM integration (Salesforce)
Q18. The US and France do not agree on the scoring system. They want to separate their scoring fields and programs in Marketo. What would be the impact in the CRM? (Salesforce)
Q19. Marketo is natively integrated with Salesforce CRM. I want to create a new field in both platforms that will be synchronized, I need:
Q20. Marketo is integrated with Salesforce or MS Dynamics through native integration. What are the prerequisites for correct revenue attribution calculations in Marketo?
Multiple possible answers
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Posted By Vincent

Vincent is a Marketing Automation consultant at Merlin/Leonard and a certified Marketo expert. He helps his clients set up their marketing campaigns and accompanies them on their Marketing Automation projects. He is Merlin/Leonard's main trainer.