Econocom: Marketo support boosts digital transformation

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Discover how Merlin/Leonard orchestrated the deployment of the Marketo solution within Econocom, a European group expert in digital transformation. Merlin/Leonard allowed Econocom to benefit from a robust solution to initiate marketing automation and lead generation mechanisms over time. Read the feedback from Clara Guénand, marketing manager at Econocom.

cas client econocom déploiement marketo

The deployment of Marketo by Merlin/Leonard

Marketo is a very complete marketing automation solution… but also quite complex! To be accompanied on these subjects is essential. For Clara Guénand, who wanted to control her budget, benefit from a trusted partner and more prosaically be able to use her training budget, the support offered by Merlin/Leonard was almost an unavoidable choice.

We started with Merlin/Leonard with confidence and we continue to improve with them.

Clara Guénand
Marketing manager at Econocom

Generate leads with marketing automation

To build a fluid mechanism to generate leads, it is not enough to equip yourself with a beautiful coach (Marketo): you must also develop your strategy, train your teams, define and refine your scoring rules, etc. Merlin/Leonard proposed to Econocom a series of 5 workshops to make the teams operational and bring them towards more autonomy with Marketo. For more details, Léonard himself – Clara Guénand’s reference – invites you to download the Econocom case study!

Want to know the secret of Merlin’s magic potion? Like Econocom, you want to benefit from Leonard’s genius to deploy Marketo in your dungeon? Start by downloading the Econocom use case.

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