The 5 rules of modern marketing

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Modern marketing is about customer engagement, which in turn is about a number of changes.


The marketing changes

Marketing has evolved and gone through several stages:

  • Mass marketing with the sending of non-personalized mass e-mails without prior behavioral analysis (send, send, send).
  • Transactional marketing with the primary goal of making a maximum number of transactions (money, money money).
  • Commitment marketing, which is based on the creation of a long-term relationship with a problem based on customer retention and loyalty.

The 5 new rules of engagement

To engage, you need to build personalized, lasting relationships and develop the customer experience.

Motivating people as individuals

Mr. Everyman does not exist. Everyone is different. We have to personalize the content to be addressed to each person.

Motivate people based on what they do

It will be a matter of triggering specific campaigns based on identified interests or tastes.

Motivate people continuously over time

You need to engage the prospect or customer throughout their lifecycle to build loyalty to increase the revenue generated from that existing base. Because it costs more to acquire new customers than to retain existing ones.

Motivating people to achieve a goal

New objectives must be defined during the sales process (up-selling or cross-selling for example).

Motivate people wherever they are

Engage your customers anywhere, anytime and on any channel (omnichannel strategy)

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