Challenges and opportunities of a marketing automation solution

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After Sylvain’s introduction, the floor was taken by Cécile Maindron, Senior Manager in charge of online marketing at Talend, to give us feedback on the implementation of Marketo in her company.

Before Marketo, outbound marketing problems

To introduce her presentation, Cécile first told us about the state of marketing before automation at Talend: the campaigns were one-sided, one shot and difficult to integrate across all channels, the tools were not integrated with each other… The result: a considerable waste of time, an incalculable ROI and a low conversion rate despite the large number of leads entering the database.

We quickly had to move to a marketing automation solution, and several criteria motivated the Talend team’s choice to switch to Marketo, since we had to think about a global implementation, with all the challenges that this entails.

The advantages of Marketo

According to Cecile, the biggest benefit of Marketo was the time savings, since it was now possible to clone campaigns rather than recreate them from scratch each time, but also to find lead lists dynamically, to synchronize events in real time

Another very good point about marketing automation is scoring: instead of having lists where all the leads were “hot” and where sales teams could easily get lost, Talend now has access to prioritized lists based on the activities and demographic profile of each name. Native integration with certain CRMs such as Salesforce is obviously a plus for sales and marketing alignment.

Finally, don’t forget the simplicity of ROI calculation! Thanks to Marketo, it is now possible to know which marketing actions have participated in the conversion of a lead, thus providing an answer in real time as to the costs attributed to the different campaigns and the effectiveness of these.

Some recommendations

If it is possible to implement Marketo by yourself, Cécile Maindron advises you to get help to avoid some pitfalls and waste of time. Another idea: do some tests! Marketo is a sufficiently fun and intuitive platform, and allows A/B testing solutions in particular. The best way to know what works for you is to try it!

Remember also that the solution is not everything, and that some challenges remain, especially on data management in the case of an international company! One last piece of advice? Talend offers a data formalization solution, so don’t hesitate to check it out!

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