Smart Data, green campaigns

Our point of view

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How do you engage your leads/prospects through the use of data? This is the question raised by Hervé Gonay, CEO of Get Plus.

State of play

B2B blast or “one-shot” email campaigns are seeing their open rates drop greatly. In H2 2012, these campaigns generated 8.2% open rate. In H2 2013, this rate was reduced to 6%.

The solution

  • Create powerful content to attract and engage. Leads wishing to get in touch with you will spend 60% of their time first taking information without directly entering into a conversation with you.
  • Automation once the contact is retrieved via a completed form.
  • Smart data: find the right person, at the right need, at the right time. This person is found once his or her information has been collected via a contact form.

How to find this person during the 60% of the purchase cycle carried out in autonomy?


Some of your prospects visit your site. A small part visits your strategic pages. Finally, a very small part will leave their contact information (about 1%).

The last ones will be the ones with the highest probability to have a project and therefore to pass in a sales process. Get Plus aims to identify the anonymous people who have shown a commitment.


Get Plus will identify the IP address visiting your site and link this address to its database of 250 million Siren IP addresses to make a link between the company and your site to identify this company and score its behavior on the site. It will be possible, on the one hand, to link it to a target category via various fields (SIREN, telephone, workforce, geolocation) and, on the other hand, to assign it a score according to the behavior observed on the site. Only contacts deemed interesting can be contacted.

The names of the decision-makers will then be found thanks to the databases with which Get Plus has agreements.

These leads will be used to feed your marketing automation solution and then move on to the nurturing phase and sales to generate a purchase.

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