Pre-filling of Marketo forms

Marketo Office Hours - 25/10/19

10mn   Medium Level

Sylvain Davril discusses the change made by Marketo regarding form pre-filling.

Change in the functioning of the pre-filling of the Marketo forms

Question :

Marketo has recently changed the way pre-filling of forms is done. What are the impacts?

The facts:

Marketo published a post on April 4, 2019 explaining that form pre-filling is no longer done via the cookie dropped on the visitor’s machine but via the token added to Marketo email links.
This prevents that on shared computers, a person sees the information entered by the previous person.
More details here:
** Progressive profiling still works via cookies!

The impacts:

  • Accessing a form on a Marketo LP with prefill enabled via a Marketo email will be the only “official” way to enable prefill.
  • Arriving directly on the same LP via a social network will no longer activate prefill, which can be annoying if you are promoting your events or assets on the networks.
  • If a colleague forwards you an email sent for example by MerlinLeonard from Marketo, and you sign up to one of my webinars, you will still see his information because the token carried by the email is your colleague’s (but this is the only case where unintentional sharing of information should take place)

If you want to restore pre-filling, we have a solution for you, it’s here.

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