GDPR: Visit to the Merlin/Leonard Communications Preference Center

Marketo office hours - 22/11/19

45mn   Expert Level

How to build a GDPR compliant communications preference center with Marketo?

How to limit unsubscribes from your customers/prospects?

How to collect the consents and preferences of your leads?

We talked about it here before May 2018 and there after.

The Communications Preference Center is the cornerstone of your GDPR compliance


How did Merlin/Leonard build his preference center?

The Facts

GDPR has forced companies to rethink how they handle unsubscribing and migrate to a more constructed page that allows the visitor to set their consents and preferences.

The solution

The preference center we have adopted at Merlin/Leonard aims to :

  • have a tone that is consistent with Merlin/Leonard’s personality,
  • allow the visitor to fill in/correct their personal information (and to be able to change their email)
  • to define his communication preferences, i.e. the subjects on which he wants Merlin/Leonard to speak,
  • and above all, to specify his consents: what types of communication does he authorize Merlin/Leonard to send him?
  • to manage a break in communications,
  • or to exercise his right to information,
  • but also to exercise his right to be forgotten,
  • and finally to unsubscribe from all communications

We take you on a tour of the underground of our “Giant Registry of Preferences and Desires” in this video. Enjoy the journey!

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