How to Implement GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing through a Robust Preference Centre

Marketo Tip #19 - The Locksmith's Alchemist's Laboratory: Mastering GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing

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In the labyrinthine world of digital marketing, akin to an alchemist’s laboratory, navigating GDPR compliance is a crucial and intricate task for businesses, especially in the B2B domain. Sylvain Davril, the master locksmith at Merlin and Leonard, in his recent Marketo tip, unlocks the secrets to how to implement GDPR compliance in B2B Marketing. This article, inspired by the theme of a locksmith’s alchemist’s laboratory, explores the alchemy of combining compliance with customer experience through a well-crafted Preference Centre.

The Alchemy of a Preference Centre:

A Preference Centre, much like an alchemist’s crucible, is where the magic of customer choice and legal compliance meld. It serves as a central nexus, a mystical portal if you will, allowing customers to manage their communication preferences with ease. This is not just a nod to GDPR compliance, but a cornerstone in enhancing the customer journey.

Crafting the Preference Centre:

In designing this alchemical chamber, customer convenience is paramount. Placing the unsubscribe option at the forefront, as advocated by Davril, is like placing the philosopher’s stone within easy reach. Alternatively, the ‘IKEA methodology’, akin to a labyrinthine quest to the bottom of the page, encourages a thorough exploration of preferences.

Transparency: The Elixir of Trust:

A well-branded Preference Centre is like an open book of spells, revealing its purpose and use of information clearly. It should encompass various realms – personal details, company information, interest-based selections, and the sacred rights of opposition and oblivion.

GDPR: The Alchemist’s Codex:

In the mystical realm of B2B marketing, GDPR is the codex that guides. A robust Preference Centre not only adheres to these sacred texts by providing clear consent mechanisms but also serves as a singular point for managing the array of consents and preferences – a true alchemist’s feat.

Inbound Marketing: The Personalized Potion:

By enabling users to indicate their interests, a business can concoct personalized marketing strategies. This bespoke approach not only resonates with the GDPR’s doctrine of specific and objective-based consent but also enhances the potency of customer engagement.

Implementing Rights: The Spell of Compliance:

In this alchemical laboratory, facilitating the right to be informed and the right to be forgotten is akin to casting a powerful spell. Customers can invoke their right to know what data is held about them or to have their data completely erased from the company’s grimoires.


In the Merlin and Leonard theme of a locksmith’s alchemist’s laboratory, the Preference Centre becomes more than a mere tool; it’s an enchanted artifact that balances the scales of GDPR compliance and customer experience. Sylvain Davril, like an adept alchemist, shows how to implement GDPR compliance in B2B Marketing and that the art of compliance is not just about following rules; it’s about creating a harmonious blend of customer trust, engagement, and legal adherence.

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