Use your CRM Business Model in Marketo for a better Customer Marketing thanks to Marketo Custom Objects

Marketo Tip #05

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🔮✨👑 [Marketo Tip #05 – Your business model comes to life with Marketo] 👑✨🔮

Top of the morning to everyone, Sylvain Davril from Merlin/Leonard here! Today I have a Camelot-inspired story to highlight the usefulness of Custom Objects in Marketo.

Think of King Arthur, facing an unprecedented drought. To save his lands, he requires the services of wizards who can cause rain. With a CRM of wizards and their spells, how do you select only the ones who can make it rain?

🌦️ This is where Marketo Custom Objects come into play in King Arthur’s dilemma:

1️⃣ Arthur sets up a “Spells” Custom Object in Marketo, incorporating all the significant details such as the spell name, power level, duration, and the wizard who has it.
2️⃣ Then, our king imports these details from an Excel file or through an integration between his CRM and Marketo.
3️⃣ Custom Objects allow Arthur to create filters to target only those wizards capable of eliciting rain.
4️⃣ With Marketo’s Triggers, Arthur can trigger targeted actions, such as sending an email summoning wizards when rain is needed.
5️⃣ This way, Arthur can manage his wizard repertoire, ensure rain on his lands and preserve his crops!

With Marketo and Custom Objects, data management becomes as easy as counting to three! Whether you’re an old-time king or a modern entrepreneur, Marketo helps you target and communicate with your audience effectively and accurately.

Be sure to follow us for the next Marketo Tip. Long live King Arthur and powerful data management! 🏰🧙‍♂️💼

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Posted By Sylvain

For the past 20 years, Sylvain has been choosing and assembling the best technologies for his key account clients, to help them create a successful end-to-end customer experience. Surely the Leonard of the team, he is a fan - and expert - of Marketo! He sits next to his clients, drives them forward and makes Marketing Automation projects succeed with his team.