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Knowing how to promote yourself: personal branding

We all have in our hearts the vacations in St Malo … Oh no sorry. We all have in mind certain companies that come to mind with regard to certain products: Microsoft or Apple for computers, Mc Donalds for fast food, Coca Cola for soft drinks … So much so that they appear directly to us when these products are mentioned. These names have gone beyond the status of a brand to evoke images and even emotions. Have you ever seen two computer geeks debating between Windows or Mac? It can be scary. The same kind of thing can happen to an artist: have you ever disliked a good movie because an actor you hated was cast? Some personalities (politicians, sportsmen, musicians …) have created such a strong brand image that their name alone will create a reaction in you – they become the emblem of certain values or events. It is this kind of behavior that we try to recreate with personal branding.

The importance of knowing how to “sell” yourself

Personal branding can bring many benefits: to promote oneself when looking for a job, to increase one’s contacts and facilitate one’s search for clients, or to establish oneself as an expert in a specific field. Here, we will focus on the interest of personal branding in a client search situation, which is particularly important in a business-to-business context. Highlighting your personal qualities, values and expertise allows potential clients to recognize themselves in you and to associate you with a feeling of confidence, success and satisfaction. Are you a salesperson? Imagine that a prospect comes to you on his own, impressed by a content you’ve pushed. Spectacular, right?

Becoming a media brand

Individuals or companies, everyone wins by becoming a media brand (distribution channel for all relevant information on a sector) – Such a strategy allows to acquire a targeted audience that can become a pool of potential customers. Marketo, for example, distributes a lot of content on inbound marketing to CMOs, thus creating an audience of potential consumers.

Become an ambassador for your company

One of the easiest approaches to implement in the case of personal branding is to adopt a consistent and regular sharing strategy on social networks: by assiduously spreading interesting and industry-specific content, you lay the foundation to become a reference for anyone looking for an aggregate of this information in one place. If content can come from anywhere on the internet (avoid competitors!), taking advantage of this channel to highlight articles written by your company on the subject has several objectives: first, by using your channels in addition to those of the company, you increase its visibility and transparency, which helps establish its legitimacy and expertise. For you, it means more customers and contacts. In short, it’s all good!

Company and ambassador community

For a company that wants to be digital, it is essential to develop its community of ambassadors: management, employees but also external ambassadors, especially former customers! Through this network, the company can spread its content on a larger scale to increase its “reach” and, in the long term, its brand image in the minds of potential customers.

The amplification process according to Social Dynamite

The amplification process according to Social Dynamite

Amplification and automation

Sharing an article, a presentation or a corporate infographic via a network of ambassadors is called content amplification. This process, when it takes place regularly in a logical and systematic way, considerably increases the visibility of the distributed object, and consequently of the company. In the past, it was complicated to inform everyone (management, employees) of the publication of an article in order to facilitate its distribution by the community. Today, these processes can be automated by platforms that operate on a system of scenarios. “Likes“, “Retweets“, “Shares“… Everything can be taken into account. The most successful example of these amplification platforms is the solution of the company Limber, with whom we are partner.

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