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You have just come out of the management committee, and your CEO has just given you your objectives for the year. They bear a clear resemblance to the previous year’s convolutions, and one simple word could sum up an entire speech: “revenue“!

You have no control over the marketing team’s activities

And yes, despite all the good resolutions made in January, the time-consuming daily tasks have arrived one after another to annihilate your team’s creativity and ultimately make your results and ROI unreadable.
And every year, knowing how your strategy actually impacted your company’s revenue is hell.
Worse, some of your offers never saw the light of day!
The culprit is known to all of us and it makes our blood run cold when our imagination comes up with new projects or breakthrough offers: “lack of time“!

Where does the problem come from ?

Let’s take a closer look at the genesis of this problem and dare to classify the tasks of a marketing team into 3 categories:

  • Competitive intelligence and analysis
  • Definition of strategic axes and associated offers
  • Budget and sales monitoring, ROI and reporting

The category of budget, sales, ROI and reporting follow-up is a task requiring a great collaboration between the teams, and unfortunately this collaboration is almost impossible to obtain with classical tools like Excel.
With Allocadia, kill two birds with one stone!
By reducing the time needed to justify their investments, your teams are once again free to create tomorrow’s offers.
Say goodbye to monstrous Excel files, generating input and/or calculation errors, which prevent any collaboration and give you headaches when it comes to versioning management!
Allocadia allows you to connect to a wide variety of platforms, including your CRM tool for sales, Marketing Automation and your ERP for the integration of the complete costs related to your campaigns!

You’ve dreamed it, Allocadia has done it, so empower your teams to generate tomorrow’s revenue and simplify their marketing budget tracking.
Let them capture an accurate picture of your ROI in record time!

What are the features of the Allocadia solution?

Allocadia is a cloud-based collaborative marketing performance management tool for the entire organization. Allocadia gives you the ability to manage your access and permissions to the platform and is multi-currency.
Allocadia provides real-time visibility into all aspects of marketing performance:

  • Performance by Program/Campaign
  • ROI by country/business unit and product line
  • Marketing revenue by quarter
  • Comparison of forecast to actual
  • Sales vs. objectives comparison

The finance department will finally have direct access to the information they need!
And every member of the organization can enter data on their planned activities for the budgets they have access to.
With Allocadia, you can easily adapt the interface to highlight indicators by team, by objective, by date and many others.
A highly developed reporting module allows you to integrate your indicators into advanced summary reports.

Take back control

Your marketing teams will be able to ensure that their programs are aligned with their company’s strategy with just a few clicks, and become a team whose watchword is “revenue!”

Many companies end their quarters and years with a remaining budget.
With Allocadia, you will always know where you stand in relation to your objective or your actual.
You can also consult the global view of your activities across the organization at any time.

The visibility of hierarchies is flexible, allowing it to be adapted over time.
Take back control of your marketing team’s activities, free up your creativity and reduce your budget tracking tasks with Allocadia!

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For the past 20 years, Sylvain has been choosing and assembling the best technologies for his key account clients, to help them create a successful end-to-end customer experience. Surely the Leonard of the team, he is a fan - and expert - of Marketo! He sits next to his clients, drives them forward and makes Marketing Automation projects succeed with his team.