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Marketo Office Hours - 15/11/19

Sylvain Davril discusses productivity opportunities at a trade show, including QR code scanning.

Scan a QR code at a trade show and instantly send a Marketo email to the person?

Question :

How do you scan a QR code at a trade show to get the person’s contact information, send it to Marketo, and instantly send them an email?

The facts:

Marketo cannot scan QR codes alone. The Marketo Event application on tablets does not allow to do it.

It is necessary to use a third party system.

The solution:

The good reflex is to go on Launchpoint Marketo – launchpoint.marketo.com -, in the “Events” category and to look for the appropriate solution.

1/ The icapture solution seems promising but I have not tested it.


  • universal badge scan
  • business card scanning
  • integrated with Marketo
  • on-the-fly segmentation

2/ If you are organizing the show and you need to generate QR codes to be able to scan them when the participants arrive, this solution is worth exploring


I didn’t test it either.

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Posted By Sylvain

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