MOH – Marketo CRM integration – Take back control!

Learn how to achieve an easy integration with our partner Vertify!

   Friday 13 Jan 2023
10:00 am / 11:00 am • Online by videoconference
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Whether you have Pipedrive, Zoho CRM, Sugar CRM, an in-house CRM or even Salesforce or MS Dynamics, discover a native integration that you have control over.

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Custom integrations are often painful and have a significant hidden cost

A custom integration typically takes 20 to 40 man days of development for a version 1 that includes a two-way exchange of people between CRM and Marketo. Add to that dozens of days to have other flows needed for marketing in version 2:

  • companies, opportunities and their attached contacts
  • campaigns and their members
  • tasks
  • sales teams

Quite often, version 2 is not done, leaving marketing hungry.

The cost of incomplete, poorly targeted, poorly personalized campaigns is hard to measure but very real, especially if your marketing maturity is high.

Discover how to achieve a near-native integration with Marketo and your CRM

Vertify allows you to connect in one click your sources and your destinations (you can for example connect a MArketo with several Salesforces).

Then you map your objects, your fields, you define your transformation rules and launch unitarily the flows, record by record to test.

You then program the recurrence of your exchanges.

At cruising speed, Vertify informs you of errors with a clear vision, and allows you to make a data recovery.

Vertify demo by Sylvain

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