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Since December 2014, the entire Merlin/Leonard team is proud to present its CRM application Generic Sales Insight. Its objective? To allow sales teams that use a CRM that does not natively integrate Marketo to still have access to the most relevant information.

What does it mean to integrate Marketo with CRM?

Marketo’s native integration with CRM allows sales to access information about a prospect collected by marketing teams from the time they entered the database as a lead. This introduces an overview of all emails sent or documents downloaded from the site and facilitates the alignment of sales and marketing who can define a common scoring, so sales can choose at what stage a lead is considered a qualified prospect. Unfortunately, many CRM platforms do not offer this option. Marketo integration is currently only available natively on, SugarCRM and Microsoft Dynamics. CRM Generic Sales Insight allows you to bridge the gap between existing technologies within a company rather than having to invest in a global solution.

Application development at Merlin/Leonard

With this first (free) application, Merlin/Leonard has chosen to extend its “Reinvent to Succeed” philosophy by addressing this time the mismatch between certain platforms in order to facilitate the adaptation of technologies between them. Read more about the Marketo Launchpoint

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