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You have decided to equip yourself with a solution for an international deployment of your Marketing Automation project for your group. Congratulations!

At this point, I don’t want to tell you why it’s a great idea, but rather to share with you some tips to ensure the success of the project.

A white paper to gather our best practices

Before you jump into this project, you may want to read our white paper dedicated to the international deployment of your Marketing Automation project:

Among the main lessons we have learned from past deployments are the following:

A marketing automation project must be accompanied by an inbound and outbound marketing strategy

It’s best to be clear from the start: a Marketing Automation project without a Lead Generation strategy or an Inbound Marketing strategy will not generate leads on its own.

At best you will gain productivity on the campaigns you are already doing.

Sizing the right team

Don’t underestimate the teams needed to make this project a success. As you progress and mature, you will naturally prove your initial operations successful, and want to do much more.

The opportunity to align Sales and Marketing

Equipping yourself with a Marketing Automation solution is the ideal moment to reconcile Sales and Marketing: define a common scoring program, the rules for passing leads to sales, set up common success indicators.

A change management project rather than an IT project

The international deployment of your Marketing Automation project is more of a marketing team training project than a typical IT project. It is less about deploying a technology than about ensuring that marketing teams are autonomous to perform their daily marketing operations in the new solution.

On this last point, one of the keys to success is to be able to support marketing teams around the world in their local language.

déploiement international de votre projet de marketing automation martech global

The Martech Global network supports its customers in their international deployment of their Marketing Automation project


The MarTech Global Network was formed to meet your global and local support needs

Eight Marketo Gold Partner agencies have decided to join forces and announced the creation of the MarTech Global Network at Marketo Nation in San Francisco.

The mission of these European and American agencies is to help international B2B companies in their digital marketing transformation.

The objective is to accompany these companies in their transformation at the group level with the best practices, and to be able to decline the model at the regional and local level with the same level of expertise, in local language.

This last point is crucial in the successful adoption of a marketing automation solution, and in the ability to transform this into tangible results on all continents.

“With more than 300 “MartTech” consultants – combining Marketing and Technology knowledge – and 100 Marketo certified experts, the network is becoming a key partner of Marketo”, says Emma Storbacka from Avaus.

Koen De Witte of Leadfabric goes on to say that the Martech Global network offers an alternative to large consulting firms. “Despite their size, their Martech skills are limited to certain countries, or certain modules of Marketo. Marketing transformation requires strong local support, which is the strength of our network,” concludes Koen De Witte.

“A digitally transformed marketing function is key for success in the engagement economy – we are very excited about the support that the Martech Global network can add to our partner portfolio », says Robin Ritenour, SVP Partner Strategy, and Alliances de Marketo.

The Martech Global network and partnership with Marketo was announced today at the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit April 23-26 in San Francisco.

The founders of this network are Avaus (Nordics), CRMT (UK), Elixiter (US), Onemedia Consulting (Germany), Kapturall (Spain + Latin America), Merlin/Leonard (France) and Vonazon (US).

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