Omni channel Marketing: personalize your website according to the user with Marketo

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Personalize your website according to the user – all in real time, Real Time Personalization, how? Real Time Personalization, or RTP as it is known, is the combination of two things:

  1. the identification of a person and their attributes (profile, behavior, intention, purchase potential)
  2. personalizing their web experience by presenting them with only the content that is relevant to them when they browse your sites.

You will be able to meet her needs: Explain in the first 10 seconds of her visit what you can offer her.
Personalization allows you to engage visitors in real time!
Marketo has developed an app to do this (yes, they are good!) and we explain how it works.

How far can you customize your site?


Let’s start with the Target. To personalize, you need to know who to target.
Who are my customers? Who am I going to offer a specific experience to?
Your audience can be segmented in a number of ways:

  • Demographic attributes: lead’s company, company size and revenue
  • Lead maturity, position in the buying cycle
  • Geolocation

You may even have already created buyer personas to segment your target (and there you are a bit of a marketer’s ultimate).


Next, you’re probably wondering what you can offer your visitors.
Well, a lot of things! All your content in fact. Rest assured, personalization does not mean the urgent creation of 100 additional contents!
Start with what you have. You can use your offer scripts, call-to-actions, articles, images, white papers, videos …
What you need to do is list these contents and divide them by target: which content for which audience?
The goal is to engage prospects differently depending on their buying appetite, so that each profile receives the most relevant information in relation to its expectations. Indeed, 82% of prospects want to see content adapted to their sector of activity (Source: Marketing Sherpa)

How does it work?

LeThe problem with a website is that on average, 98% of the visitors are anonymous.
And customizing for 2% of your population is not very interesting.
Well, Marketo RTP is a magical tool from Marketo that allows you to identify the companies, industry, city and online behavior of visitors, even anonymous ones!
On Marketo, the RTP configuration doesn’t take much time and looks like this:
Personaliser Marketo 1

Setting the target

Campaign configurationpersonnaliser-contenus-marketo3

Visualization of the different campaigns

That’s it! Your campaigns are set up and if you have done your job well, your visitors will receive the right information, at the right time!

Note: The RTP Marketo option is compatible with all CMS (Content Management System).

To see an example of a site with this technology, click here:

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