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Who doesn’t dream of having a second chance? That possibility of being able to change the game?

In digital marketing, this is possible with retargeting. If it can be applied to both acquisition and retention, we will focus on the first option for now.


In acquisition the retargeting will target the visitors of your website who have an intention or a potential to buy your products/services.

The main idea will be to use the collected data (via cookies), to address the right ad, to the right person, at the right time.


The advantage of retargeting is to be able to convert more efficiently. Because yes, people who have visited your pages and looked at your products are much more likely to make a purchase than any other visitor.


There is no lack of channels for retargeting:

  • Web: the platforms are called ad exchange. The advertiser sets his request so that it is published on the advertising spaces of partner sites.
  • Social networks: the banners are positioned on the various social networks: these are ad networks platforms.
  • Mobile applications

No doubt about it: you don’t lack playgrounds!

The different retargeting banners

Criteo defines three types of banners used in retargeting:

  • Corporate banners where slogans, brand names and logos are highlighted. They are often used for branding purposes, i.e. to promote the company. The main goal will be to gain notoriety by being known.
  • Banners intended for a well-defined segment of people: shopping cart abandoners for example for an e-commerce site.
  • Personalized banners with dynamic spaces that will change according to each individual and the products consulted. The advertiser will only have to load its product catalog to propose similar products each time.

Retargeting and Customer Experience

The advantage of retargeting is that it is a personalized practice unlike traditional banners.

This solution is therefore seen as less intrusive by the consumer BUT be careful! It is necessary to take care not to over-solicit the Internet user who can, if he is exposed too often to online advertising, feel aggressed. And not wrongly. We all think of those shoe brands exposing us too many times to their ads.

It is even worse when we are not yet a customer. Because we quickly imagine tons of emails sent as soon as we have communicated our information.

The legislation

Some advertisers overuse retargeting to such an extent that Internet users feel a little “victimized” because personalization also creates a feeling of being spied on.

The National Union of Direct Communication recommends :

  • That the Internet user is informed of the cookies placed on his computer, their purpose and the duration of data exploitation.
  • To communicate on the methods and purposes of cookies
  • To give the user the right to object to the data collected.
  • To inform the entities involved in retargeting.

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