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In this blog you will read several times that it is now essential to adapt to the customer’s journey to provide the best possible experience. Today, this experience must be personalized, multi-channel and above all social. We explain why by adapting your customer journey through Content Marketing

The Customer Journey influenced by Social Networks

A Forbes study shows that 78% of people consider their purchase decision influenced by social shares of companies.

Social networks have become a communication channel in their own right and for consumers they are a reflection of your brand, your values and your strategy.
They are also a way to get in touch with you directly, a reference to know your different activities or a reference to find other consumers’ opinions.

Above all, they can express their opinion in one click and in front of hundreds or even thousands of subscribers…! Remember the video where two young people manage to “fold” an iPhone 6: published just after the release of the latter, it had gone around the world in a few days.

Social networks are present throughout the entire customer journey, from the first step of searching for information or consumer reviews to the instant after-sales service via Twitter.

However, it is not enough to publish an article and to reference it, it is also necessary to spread it on social networks to multiply its presence on the web and increase the number of possible touches and generate more traffic. In other words, do Content Marketing!

Content Marketing kesako ?

« Content marketing is a marketing technique of creating and distributing valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire a clearly defined audience – with the objective of driving profitable customer action. » – The Content Marketing Institute

In short, content marketing consists in creating and distributing relevant content to attract a targeted audience, to get its engagement and to keep it loyal.

To create content, you have two choices: create your own content, write a blog article, an eBook, a white paper or even make an infographic, publish a press release, etc. The following illustration shows you the different types of content to create according to your objectives. But keep in mind that all your articles must bring value to your readers: teach them something, deliver your best practices, offer a guide. And if you don’t know what they want from you: study the performance of your blog or ask them directly.

If one of your articles is often shared, it may be that its subject is popular and should be explored.

customer journey through Content Marketing

What type of content to produce? (source Smart Insights)

However, if you don’t have enough resources available or time to devote to creation, content curation is a very good alternative. Curation consists of using external content that does not “belong” to you and distributing it on your various communication channels. For example: distribute articles written by your partners, news from your sector, studies on your activity…

Once created, the publication and distribution of your content is just as important, I admit it myself: writing this article took me a long time and I would prefer not to see it simply stored in the Article to Publish folder of my Community Manager. In general, we often start by spreading content via the publication of an article on a “Blog” except that even if your SEO strategy is well developed, the magic of Inbound Marketing will not work without a little help. To increase the visibility of your content, nothing is better than sharing it on your LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Yammer, GooglePlus or even Pinterest or Instagram company pages.

A small question: It’s all very nice but how long does it take…?

Content Marketing Automation

A little mental calculation: knowing that the life span of a Twitter post is 90 seconds and that the life span of a LinkedIn or Facebook share is around 3 minutes, how many times do you think you would need to click on the share button in a day to stay active and visible? ……… Mmmh that’s a lot isn’t it?

That’s why several tools allow you to plan in advance all your shares on different channels that you want.  Provided, of course, that you have a clear and structured editorial planning! We are talking about Social Management or Social Marketing, Content Management or Content Marketing platforms, we will spare you all the names because there are many but remember that their common point is the distribution of your content on social networks.

We prefer to talk about social amplification because we chose a Made In France solution: Limber to manage our content. What’s the difference? The amplification scenarios, yes with Limber you create your scenario: you first choose WHO will share the news and then you create your sharing timeline on the period you want once and for all, because once recorded, the scenario is reusable and you don’t have to start over!

Next step: launch your content machine with the help of the Limber tool that we present HERE

Still in doubt about the influence of social networks? Our friends at Limber have written a great article:

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