AI Scoring with beyond traditional scoring

In a recent Marketo Office Hour hosted by Merlin/Leonard, I had the pleasure of diving into the fascinating world of AI scoring with the founders of Our discussion shed light on the immense potential of artificial intelligence in transforming the landscape of lead scoring and marketing automation. As we ventured into the intricacies of’s technology, it became evident that we are standing on the brink of a new era in digital marketing, one where AI scoring is not just an accessory but a necessity for businesses aiming to refine their marketing strategies and enhance customer engagement.

AI Scoring: Beyond Traditional Boundaries

The conventional scoring systems, while functional, often hit a ceiling when it comes to adapting to the dynamic nature of customer behavior and preferences. promises to transcend these limitations by leveraging artificial intelligence to offer a more nuanced and predictive scoring model. This AI-based scoring app does not just analyze static data; it learns from it, offering insights that are both deep and actionable.

The Advantage stands out by going beyond mere lead scoring. It provides a comprehensive view of a lead’s journey, identifying the pivotal moments that indicate a higher likelihood of conversion. By integrating demographic, firmographic, and behavioral data,’s algorithms can predict the next best action for each lead, tailoring marketing efforts to individual needs and significantly enhancing the chances of conversion.

Real-time Insights and Dynamic Adjustments

One of the most compelling aspects of is its ability to recalibrate its algorithms in real-time based on new data. This ensures that the scoring model remains relevant and accurate, providing businesses with insights that reflect the latest trends and customer interactions. This feature is particularly crucial in a digital environment where customer behaviors and market dynamics can shift rapidly.

Privacy and Customization at Its Core

In our discussion, a strong emphasis was placed on privacy and data protection. guarantees the safety of customer data, with measures in place to ensure compliance with GDPR and other privacy regulations. Moreover, the platform offers customization options that allow businesses to tailor the scoring model to their specific needs and objectives, ensuring that the insights generated are both relevant and actionable.

Looking Ahead: The Future of AI Scoring

As we concluded our conversation, it became clear that is not just about optimizing lead scoring; it’s about reimagining the future of marketing automation. With plans to enhance its platform to recommend specific marketing actions for each lead, is poised to become an indispensable tool for marketers seeking to navigate the complexities of customer engagement in the digital age.

In essence, AI scoring, as exemplified by, represents a significant leap forward in our ability to understand and interact with potential customers. It heralds a new chapter in marketing automation, where data-driven insights pave the way for more personalized, effective, and engaging marketing strategies. As we embrace this future, it’s clear that AI scoring will play a pivotal role in shaping the success of businesses in the digital marketplace.

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Unraveling the Mysteries of Marketo Scoring: A Comprehensive Guide

In the mystical world of marketing automation, akin to the enchanting tales of Merlin and the ingenious inventions of Leonardo da Vinci, lies a powerful spell that can transform mere leads into victories for your business. This spell, known in the realm of Marketo as “scoring,” is a potent tool in the hands of marketers, enabling them to prioritize leads with the precision of a wizard and the insight of a renaissance genius. In a recent office hour hosted by myself, Sylvain Davril, at Merlin/Leonard, we delved deep into the arcane knowledge of Marketo scoring, uncovering its purposes, practices, and the pitfalls to avoid.

In the ever-evolving world of digital marketing, understanding and implementing effective lead scoring strategies is paramount. Marketo, as a leading marketing automation platform, offers robust scoring capabilities to help marketers prioritize their leads more efficiently. In this blog post, we dive deep into the intricacies of Marketo scoring, guided by insights from a recent Marketo Office Hour session led by none other than Sylvain Davril, a seasoned expert in the field.

The Essence of Marketo Scoring

Marketo scoring is a dynamic tool designed to help sales teams identify and prioritize hot leads. It operates on the principle of assigning points based on demographic, firmographic, and behavioral attributes of leads. These points accumulate to form a score, which, in turn, categorizes leads based on their level of engagement and potential to convert. This scoring mechanism is crucial in enabling sales teams to focus their efforts on leads that are most likely to result in successful conversions.

Demographic, Firmographic, and Behavioral Scoring

The scoring model in Marketo is multifaceted, incorporating demographic, firmographic, and behavioral aspects:

These components work together to provide a comprehensive view of the lead’s potential, guiding marketers in tailoring their strategies accordingly.

Navigating the Marketo Scoring Process

The process of scoring in Marketo is both an art and a science. It begins with the identification of attributes and actions that are indicative of a lead’s interest and potential. Points are then allocated to these attributes and actions, summing up to form an overall score. This score is critical in determining the lead’s position in the sales funnel, from being a cold lead to becoming a marketing qualified lead (MQL), and eventually a sales qualified lead (SQL).

However, the scoring process is not without its challenges. Marketers must carefully consider what to score and how much weight to give to different attributes and behaviors. It’s equally important to recognize when not to score, such as in cases where leads exhibit non-standard behavior or fall outside the target audience.

Advanced Marketo Scoring Strategies

During the session, Sylvain Davril highlighted the importance of refining scoring strategies over time. With advancements in data analytics and artificial intelligence, marketers now have the tools to analyze lead data more deeply, identifying patterns and insights that can fine-tune scoring criteria. This involves not just looking at what leads are doing but understanding why they’re doing it, thereby predicting their future actions with greater accuracy.

Moreover, scoring shouldn’t be a static process. It needs to evolve with changing market dynamics, customer behavior, and organizational goals. Regularly reviewing and adjusting scoring criteria ensures that the scoring system remains relevant and effective.

Final Thoughts

Marketo scoring is a powerful mechanism that, when used effectively, can significantly enhance lead management and conversion rates. By understanding the nuances of demographic, firmographic, and behavioral scoring, marketers can create a scoring system that accurately reflects the potential of each lead. However, it’s crucial to remember that scoring is just one part of a broader marketing strategy. It should be complemented with targeted content, personalized engagement, and continuous optimization based on performance data.

In conclusion, mastering Marketo scoring requires a blend of analytical skills, marketing knowledge, and a deep understanding of the customer journey. As Sylvain Davril aptly demonstrated, with the right approach, Marketo scoring can indeed bring a touch of magic to the marketing automation process, transforming leads into valuable customers and driving business growth.

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At Merlin/Leonard, we have summoned the spirits of wisdom and insight to transport you into a visual odyssey, merging the magic of yore with the modernity of today.

In this grand tale, navigate through epochs, from the inception of CNIL in the distant lands of 1978 to the contemporary era of GDPR, where the realms of digital and legislative intertwine tightly. Your voyage will traverse historical revelations, such as the Snowden disclosures, which shook the world and redefined the concept of privacy.

But what is a narrative without its champions? “Guardians of Data” illuminates key players, pivotal events, and legal battles that have sculpted the landscape of personal data protection. From CNIL to GDPR, through emblematic case studies, this infographic is a tome of knowledge, illustrating not just the challenges overcome but also the victories celebrated.

At Merlin/Leonard, we understand that data protection is not merely a matter of compliance but a continuous adventure of innovation and transformation. That’s why “Guardians of Data” doesn’t just narrate history; it also offers a lens through which to view the future of data protection—a future where every company can become a guardian of trust and integrity.

We invite you to download this infographic to:

“Guardians of Data” is more than an infographic; it’s a gateway to understanding, a bridge to excellence in data protection. At Merlin/Leonard, we don’t just offer information; we invite you to be part of a story, to co-author a future where data protection is synonymous with prosperity and innovation.

Download your copy of “Guardians of Data” now and join the circle of visionaries shaping the future of data protection. Together, let’s write the next chapter in this extraordinary adventure.

GDPR Data Protection Infographic

Explore the Untapped Potential of the People Performance Report for Informed Decisions

In the maze of marketing automation tools, Marketo stands out for its ability to transform complex data into strategic marketing decisions. One of its often underestimated treasures is the People Performance report. Sylvain Davril, founder of Merlin/Leonard, recently revealed the mysteries and potential of this tool during a captivating session at the Marketo Office Hours. This article invites you to delve into the world of the People Performance report, the Holy Grail for marketers in search of decision-making precision.

The People Performance Report: An Unloved Tool?

The People Performance Report suffers from a reputation for complexity that masks its true value. In reality, this tool is a magical bridge between raw data and strategic decisions. Sylvain Davril guides us through the basic configuration of the report, focusing on tracking people created, month by month, enabling detailed analysis of the evolution of your contact base.

Grouping for better management

The need to group data by specific criteria, such as person attributes or opportunity attributes, lies at the heart of the People Performance report’s power. This functionality opens the door to a multitude of analyses, such as segmentation based on behavior or specific interactions with your campaigns.

Add Columns for a 360° View

Adding customized columns is a unique feature of the People Performance report, enabling you to precisely track the evolution of statuses in a contact’s lifecycle. Sylvain illustrates this capability with the example of creating columns for each lead status, offering a clear view of individual paths within your marketing funnel.

Exploration beyond People Creation

Although initially designed to track the creation of new contacts, the People Performance report excels in exploring interactions and conversions. By adding opportunity columns, for example, you can measure the direct impact of your marketing actions on new business generation.

Towards Advanced Personalization

The session led by Sylvain Davril emphasizes the importance of personalizing the report to meet the specific needs of each company. Whether to filter contacts according to their origin, or to analyze the key stages of a specific campaign, the People Performance report proves to be a flexible and powerful tool.

Conclusion: a strategic decision-making tool

Far from being a simple counting tool, the People Performance report is a true ally in the quest for enhanced marketing performance. By exploring its possibilities, you can not only improve your understanding of the dynamics of your contact base, but also make decisions based on accurate, relevant data.

Through this exploration with Sylvain Davril, we discover that the People Performance report is a catalyst for transforming data into concrete action. Like Merlin in his quest for enchantment, or Leonardo da Vinci in his revolutionary inventions, marketers armed with this tool can truly create magic in their campaigns, leading to unforgettable customer experiences and optimized marketing performance.

Join us on this adventure where the magic of Merlin and the genius of Leonardo da Vinci meet to decipher the mysteries of marketing automation with Marketo. Discover how the People Performance report can transform your marketing strategy into a work of art, where every piece of data becomes a brush in the artist’s hand.

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Optimize your Marketo Content Downloads to Boost Engagement : Tips from Sylvain Davril

Hello everyone! In our latest “Marketo Office Hours” session, hosted by yours truly, Sylvain Davril of Merlin/Leonard, we delved into the fascinating world of Marketo content downloads. The objective? To equip you with the best strategies for optimizing the engagement of your prospects and customers. Today, I’d like to take you through the key points of this session, which focused on the eternal question: Gated or Not Gated?

The Great Dilemma: Gated or Not Gated?

In the realm of Marketo, every marketer is faced with this dilemma. Whether or not to put valuable content behind a Marketo form is a strategic decision. As in the quests of Merlin the Enchanter, the choice between the magic of Gated (locked content) and the charm of Not Gated (free content) depends on the added value you wish to offer in exchange for your visitors’ contact information.

My mantra? Content behind a form must be a sufficiently desirable treasure for the visitor to agree to entrust you, at the very least, with their email address.

Form strategy: where to place them?

The choice of where to place your form grimoire – on a Marketo Landing Page (LP) or directly on your website – is crucial. Using Marketo LPs can be like working in Leonardo da Vinci’s workshop, where each invention (or LP) can be created independently, without waiting for help from the IT team. However, let’s not forget the importance of harmony between your LP and the main site, so that the user experience remains magical and coherent.

The Art of Progressive Profiling and the Magic of UTMs

Imagine you’re Merlin, and each form is a spell that allows you to get to know your visitors better, without pestering them with too many questions at once. That’s where Marketo’s Progressive Profiling comes in, enabling you to collect additional information with every interaction, gradually transforming your anonymous visitors into loyal knights of your brand.

UTMs, meanwhile, are like the stars guiding the magi. They help you trace the origins of your content purchasers, providing you with valuable data on the path taken by your visitors before filling in your form.

Conclusion: Creating an Enchanting Experience

Ultimately, optimizing your content downloads in Marketo isn’t a simple decision between Gated and Not Gated. It’s a delicate art that requires juggling value proposition, user experience and information gathering, all with judicious use of the magic tools at our disposal.

At Merlin/Leonard, our mission is to accompany you in this quest, bringing a hint of magic and a touch of genius to transform every interaction into a memorable experience.

Remember: behind every form, every download, lies an opportunity to forge a deeper relationship with your prospects and customers. Use these moments wisely and creatively, and you’ll see, the realm of engagement will hold no secrets for you.

See you soon for a new adventure at the heart of Marketo magic!

Sylvain Davril, your guide to the enchanted world of marketing automation.

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The Keys to a Successful Marketo Setup: Tips and Tricks

Hello everyone, Sylvain Davril here from Merlin/Leonard, your guide to the fascinating world of marketing automation with Marketo. Today, we’re diving into the mysteries of “Marketo Setup”, a crucial step in getting the most out of this powerful platform. Whether you’re a digital marketing wizard or a data sage, this article is your grimoire for a successful Marketo setup.

1.The Munchkin Code: Your website’s magic wand

Marketo’s Munchkin code is the essential incantation for connecting your website to the power of Marketo. It’s a tracking script to be integrated via your website or a tag manager like Google Tag Manager. Remember, GDPR compliance is crucial, so be sure to configure tracking preferences and cookie retention times correctly.

2.SPF/DKIM: The Trust Seals of Your Emails

Setting up your SPF and DKIM domains correctly is like forging a suit of armor for your email campaigns. It reinforces the legitimacy and deliverability of your messages. Remember to configure these settings for all the domains you use for your Marketo mailings.

3. Bots detection: protecting your kingdom from intruders

Marketo offers bot detection features to make sure your statistics aren’t skewed by non-human clicks. Use this feature to keep your campaign data clean and accurate.

4. Link Management and HTTPS: Securing your Royal Mail

Make sure your email and landing page links are well configured, favoring HTTPS to ensure security and trust.

5. Forms and Operational Emails: The Messengers of Your Strategy

Understand the distinction between marketing and operational emails. Operational emails, for example, following the completion of a brochure form, are set up to ensure that they reach their recipient, even if they have unsubscribed from your marketing communications.

6. Advanced Configuration: Leonard’s Workshop for Marketo Experts

Dive into Marketo’s advanced settings for advanced personalization. This includes cookie management, form validation rules, and more. An exploration for those looking to master all aspects of Marketo.


A well-executed Marketo setup is like making a magic potion: each ingredient must be measured out and mixed precisely to achieve the desired result. At Merlin/Leonard, we’re here to accompany you on this adventure, bringing magic and genius to your marketing experience. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you need any help, or if you’d like to delve deeper into the world of Marketo.

Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo: A Revolution in Customer Interaction

In the ever-changing world of digital marketing, innovation is the key to success. At Merlin/Leonard, we strive to explore the latest features offered by market leaders such as Marketo, to bring you cutting-edge solutions. Today, we’re diving into the fascinating world of “Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo” – a revolution that’s transforming customer interaction.

What is Dynamic Chat and LiveChat Marketo?

Dynamic Chat and LiveChat from Marketo are advanced communication tools designed to enhance online engagement with your customers. They offer an interactive, real-time approach to connecting your website visitors with your team, optimizing the user experience and accelerating the conversion process.

Key benefits :

  1. Instant interaction: LiveChat enables fast, direct communication, reducing response time and increasing customer satisfaction.
  2. Personalization: With Dynamic Chat, every interaction can be customized to the user’s specific needs, offering a tailor-made experience.
  3. Easy Integration: These tools integrate effortlessly into your existing Marketo infrastructure, enabling centralized management and in-depth analysis of customer interactions.


  1. Configuration: Access Dynamic Chat via Here you can manage user access rights and customize settings to suit your brand.
  2. Web integration: For optimum performance, integrate Dynamic Chat with your website. This ensures smooth, consistent interaction with visitors.
  3. Conversational Flow Management: Use Conversational Flows to trigger interactions based on specific user actions, such as opening a page or filling in a form.

Example in Action:

Let’s take a scenario where a visitor enters your site and fills in a form. Immediately, Dynamic Chat is activated, offering personalized interaction and suggesting an appointment with a sales representative. This responsiveness increases the chances of conversion and improves the customer experience.


The integration of Marketo’s Dynamic Chat and LiveChat represents a giant step forward in the way we interact with our customers online. At Merlin/Leonard, we’re excited to explore these new frontiers of customer engagement. Join us on this adventure and discover how these tools can transform your marketing approach.

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[Infographic]- The Best Weapons for Taming the Hydra of Poor Data Quality

Data Quality - Matrix features Solutions Data Quality


Like Arthur and his knights facing the Hydra, every marketing decision-maker must carefully choose the weapons to defeat the monster of poor data quality. This heroic quest is not won with hardened steel, but with the acuity of information and the precision of decisions.

Our infographic is a modern-day grimoire, revealing the secrets of CRM and Marketing Automation solutions. It gives you a clear vision for validating and securing your valuable data, empowering you to correct, enrich and normalize information as if by magic.

Join the ranks of visionaries equipped to triumph. Download our infographic “The Best Weapons for Taming the Hydra of Poor Data Quality” and forge your marketing destiny with knowledge as your sword and analysis as your shield.

Elevate your marketing automation game: the ultimate guide to delegating campaigns

The current landscape of marketing automation is characterized by rapid technological advancements, increased data-driven decision-making, and a growing need for personalized customer experiences. Globally, businesses are adopting automation tools to streamline marketing processes, enhance efficiency, and gather insightful data to inform strategies.

Quote<span class="su-quote-cite">According to Modor Intelligence, marketing automation is a $3.6 bn industry and will reach $11bn by 2027.</span>

In Europe, there’s a focus on aligning marketing automation with stringent data privacy regulations like GDPR. European companies are increasingly leveraging automation to maintain compliance while delivering targeted marketing campaigns.

In France, the trend mirrors the broader European focus, with an added emphasis on integrating marketing automation into the diverse, dynamic French market. French companies are adopting these tools to refine customer engagement, enhance digital transformation, and navigate a competitive landscape that values both innovation and privacy.

This landscape poses challenges such as keeping up with evolving technology, ensuring data privacy and security, managing the complexity of integrated marketing strategies, and delivering personalized content at scale.


In this fast-paced, technology-driven, and economically tense landscape, particularly post-COVID, the need for delegation in the context of Marketo and marketing automation is becoming increasingly crucial for companies for several reasons:

  1. Resource Optimization: With tighter budgets and a focus on cost-efficiency, companies need to optimize their resources. Delegating marketing automation allows businesses to focus their internal resources on core competencies and strategic initiatives.
  2. Expertise Access: Rapid technological changes require specialized knowledge. Delegating to experts in Marketo ensures campaigns are both effective and up-to-date with the latest features and best practices.
  3. Scalability and Flexibility: Delegation allows companies to scale their marketing efforts up or down based on current needs without the burden of hiring or training new staff, providing much-needed flexibility in uncertain economic times.
  4. Data-Driven Decision Making: Expert partners can better leverage the data analytics capabilities of Marketo, providing insights that drive more effective marketing strategies.
  5. Compliance and Security: In a landscape with increasing data privacy concerns, especially in Europe, delegating to knowledgeable partners ensures compliance with regulations like GDPR.

Overall, delegation in marketing automation allows companies to navigate economic challenges and technological complexities more effectively, maintaining competitive edge and operational efficiency.


Financial Efficiency and Pay-Per-Use Magic: The Alchemy of Resource Allocation

Oracle – the American company 😉 – has found that globally automation contributes to a 14.2% rise in sales productivity, as well as a 12.2% drop in marketing expenses.In the mystical realm of marketing automation, where every penny counts and efficiency is king, outsourcing Marketo campaign execution emerges as a powerful spell of financial prudence for your Marketing department. This approach, akin to the alchemist’s dream of transmuting base metals into gold, transforms the rigid structure of in-house expenses into a flexible, pay-per-use model.

Comparative Cost Analysis

Venturing into the forest of financial management, one finds that in-house campaign execution bears hidden costs. Salaries, benefits, ongoing training, and technology investments – these are but a few of the burdens shouldered by companies choosing internal management. Contrast this with the pay-per-use magic of outsourcing, where costs align with actual usage, offering a cloak of protection against financial overreach. This model ensures that companies only invest in what they need, when they need it, avoiding the trap of underutilized resources.

Resource Optimization

In the post-COVID economic landscape, resource allocation is more akin to navigating a labyrinth than a straight path. Outsourcing offers a map and compass in this journey. By embracing this model, companies can reallocate funds from operational expenses to strategic initiatives. This shift is not just about saving money; it’s about investing it wisely, ensuring that each coin dropped into the well of marketing yields maximum return.

Risk Mitigation

The economic climate of our times is as unpredictable as the winds of change. Fixed costs, like those associated with a full-time in-house team, can anchor a company during turbulent times. Outsourcing offers a vessel more akin to a nimble sailboat than a cumbersome galleon. By converting fixed costs into variable ones, companies can better weather economic storms, adjusting sails as the winds of market demand shift.

In essence, the financial efficiency garnered through outsourcing Marketo campaigns is not just a matter of doing more with less. It’s about doing more with more – more foresight, more flexibility, and more focus on what truly moves the needle in the magical world of marketing

Structural Streamlining: The Compass to Your True North

In the vast ocean of marketing, navigating towards success requires more than just a strong wind; it demands a true compass. Structural streamlining, a key advantage of outsourcing Marketo campaigns, provides this direction. It’s a transformational journey from the quagmire of operational tasks to the clear skies of strategic thinking.

Tactical to Strategic Shift

The heart of structural streamlining lies in shifting focus from day-to-day tactics to overarching strategy. In-house teams often find themselves entangled in the web of campaign execution, leaving little room for strategic growth. Outsourcing liberates these teams, allowing them to ascend to a bird’s-eye view of the marketing landscape, where long-term planning and innovative thinking reign.

Operational Agility

The modern marketing world is akin to a shape-shifting maze. Outsourcing provides the agility to navigate this maze effectively. It offers flexibility to scale operations up or down based on market demands, ensuring that companies remain both proactive and reactive to changes, akin to a skilled navigator adjusting sails to the shifting winds.

Focus on Core Strengths

In the Merlin/Leonard universe, every character plays to their strengths. Structural streamlining through delegation aligns with this philosophy, enabling companies to concentrate on their core competencies. This focused approach ensures that the most skilled wizards are crafting the spells of marketing, leaving the logistics of campaign management to trusted external sorcerers.

To sum up, structural streamlining through outsourcing is not just an operational tactic; it’s a strategic compass guiding companies to their true north. It’s about finding clarity in complexity and direction in diversity, ensuring that each step taken is towards greater marketing success.


Cultural Shift: The Potion for Innovation

Outsourcing Marketo campaign management stands as such a potion, brewing a cultural shift within organizations – from rigid, process-driven environments to dynamic, innovation-fueled landscapes.

Fostering Innovation

When routine tasks are outsourced, the freed-up energy and time become ingredients for innovation. Internal teams, unburdened from the daily grind, can engage in creative thinking and experimentation. This shift in focus nurtures a culture where new ideas are not just born but flourish.

Adapting to Change

In an era where change is the only constant, a culture adaptable to new trends and technologies is vital. Outsourcing partners bring fresh perspectives and up-to-date knowledge, injecting a culture of continuous learning and adaptability into the organization.

Collaborative Synergy

Outsourcing creates a melting pot of diverse skills and perspectives. This synergy between in-house teams and external experts fosters a collaborative culture, rich in ideas and solutions. It’s an environment where the magic of collective wisdom is harnessed to drive innovation.

In essence, the cultural shift brought about by outsourcing is like a potion for innovation – transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, and leading companies to discover new realms of marketing possibilities.


ROI Enhancement: The Sword in the Stone

In the quest for marketing excellence, enhancing ROI is akin to pulling the sword from the stone – a feat that signifies true mastery. Delegating Marketo campaigns is the key to this mastery, transforming average returns into legendary successes.

Precision and Expertise

Outsourcing brings a level of precision and expertise to campaign execution that is hard to replicate in-house. Specialized agencies breathe life into each campaign, ensuring every element is optimized for maximum impact. This precision leads to higher engagement rates, more effective lead generation, and ultimately, a stronger ROI.

Data-Driven Strategies

With their expertise in Marketo, outsourced partners utilize data analytics to refine campaign strategies continually. This data-driven approach means campaigns are not only creative but also grounded in what truly resonates with the target audience. It’s about striking the right chord at the right time – turning marketing into a symphony that captivates and converts.

Cost-Effective Scaling

The beauty of outsourcing lies in its scalability. Agencies can ramp up efforts during peak times and scale back when necessary, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment towards higher returns. This flexibility prevents wastage of resources and guarantees that the ROI remains a key focus, regardless of market fluctuations.

In conclusion, enhancing ROI through outsourcing is about harnessing the combined powers of expertise, data, and scalability. It’s about making each campaign not just visible, but unforgettable – a story told in the annals of marketing legends.


Sky-High Productivity and Enhanced Efficiency: The Winged Sandals of Hermes

The winged sandals of Hermes symbolize the ultimate aspiration: achieving sky-high productivity and enhanced efficiency. Delegating Marketo campaigns embodies this aspiration, freeing up internal resources to focus on strategic objectives while the granular, time-consuming tasks are expertly handled by outsourced teams.

Liberating Internal Teams for Strategic Focus

Delegation offloads the burden of routine marketing operations, such as managing email lists, creating landing pages, and deploying assets. This liberation allows in-house teams to elevate their focus to more holistic targets. They can concentrate on areas like market research, strategy formulation, and creative development, areas that drive the brand forward in meaningful ways.

Streamlining Campaign Execution

An outsourced marketing automation team acts as a well-oiled machine, adept at getting digital assets out the door efficiently. This process is not just about execution but excellence in execution – ensuring every campaign is on time, on message, and optimized for performance. This level of streamlined efficiency means campaigns are no longer bottlenecks but accelerators of marketing goals.

Maximizing Resource Utilization

With routine tasks in the hands of outsourced experts, internal teams can maximize their talents where they matter most. This optimized utilization of resources leads to a more productive and satisfied workforce, as team members engage in work that truly leverages their skills and contributes to their professional growth.

Enhanced Efficiency Through Specialization

Outsourced teams bring specialized skills to the table, handling complex Marketo operations with ease and precision. This specialization means tasks that might take an in-house team hours to complete can be done more quickly and accurately, leading to a higher overall standard of marketing execution.

Delegating Marketo campaigns offers a dual advantage: it elevates the productivity of internal teams by allowing them to focus on strategic and creative endeavors, and it enhances the efficiency of campaign execution through specialized expertise. It’s a win-win situation where marketing operations soar on the wings of Hermes, reaching new heights of success and impact.


Martech Mastery: The Sorcerer’s Advanced Tools

The true magic lies not just in owning powerful software but in wielding it with masterful expertise. Specialized agencies, such as Merlin/Leonard, are not only familiar with your organization’s current automation software but are also adept at harnessing its latest and upcoming innovations. This expertise ensures that your significant tech investment reaches its full potential.

Optimizing the use of your own Marketo instance

A common challenge for many enterprises is underutilizing their automation tools due to constraints like lack of training, time, or support. Merlin/Leonard, with its deep understanding of these platforms, transforms this untapped potential into tangible results.

Furthermore, Merlin/Leonard’s prowess extends to linking your existing tools with other advanced technologies in the ecosystem. This integration creates a symphony of interconnected tools, each playing its part to optimize and elevate your marketing strategies. The result is a harmonious tech ecosystem that leverages every bit of its capacity for maximum impact.

Staying Ahead with Cutting-Edge Tools

Specialized agencies like Merlin/Leonard don’t just use Martech tools; they master them. This expertise ensures campaigns leverage the most advanced technologies, keeping your marketing strategies several steps ahead. Whether it’s utilizing AI for better customer insights or employing the latest data analytics tools for precise targeting, these agencies have their fingers on the pulse of technological advancements.

Merlin/Leonard’s Martech Allies

Merlin/Leonard collaborates with an impressive array of partners, each contributing to a rich Martech ecosystem. These partnerships extend the capabilities of what can be achieved in marketing automation, offering clients a composite of the best tools in the market.

The Advantage of Constant Evolution

In an industry that’s continually evolving, staying static is not an option. Specialized agencies like Merlin/Leonard are committed to ongoing learning and adaptation, ensuring that their Martech stack is always at the cutting edge. This commitment means that clients benefit from the latest and most effective marketing technologies.

In conclusion, Martech mastery is not just about having the tools; it’s about weaving them into the very fabric of marketing strategies, ensuring every campaign is as potent and effective as a well-cast spell. Merlin/Leonard, with its array of advanced tools and strategic partnerships, stands at the forefront of this magical confluence of technology and marketing prowess.


Access to High Expertise and Best Practices Implementation: The Grimoire of Success

Possessing the Grimoire of Best Practices is akin to holding the keys to an enchanted kingdom. Merlin/Leonard, with its profound expertise in Marketo and data management, is not just a holder of this grimoire; it is its master.

Mastery Over Marketo Engage

Merlin/Leonard’s expertise in Marketo Engage goes beyond mere proficiency; it’s a deep, decade-long mastery. This expertise allows for the crafting of campaigns that are not just effective but enchanting, turning strategies into pure marketing gold. In their hands, Marketo becomes a wand that weaves spells of engagement and conversion.

Proficiency in Data Management

Data is the lifeblood of modern marketing, and managing it effectively is crucial. Merlin/Leonard excels in collating data, setting up synchronizations with other sources like CRMs, and using the right data models to support automation. This proficiency ensures that every segment of data is used to its fullest potential, enhancing campaign effectiveness and ensuring compliance with privacy regulations like GDPR and CCPA.

Segmentation and Personalization

The true power of Merlin/Leonard lies in its ability to segment and personalize. By conjuring powerful spells of segmentation and lead nurturing, they create campaigns that resonate on a deeper level with the audience. This approach ensures that each message is not just a communication but a catalyst for conversion.

Navigating the Labyrinth of Legislation

In a world where data privacy and compliance are paramount, Merlin/Leonard navigates the labyrinth of legislation with ease. Their expertise in adhering to various regulations ensures that all campaigns are not just effective but also ethically sound and legally compliant.

Forecasting and Predicting Success

With a deep understanding of data and market trends, Merlin/Leonard can forecast buyer intent and predict campaign success. This foresight allows for more strategic planning and ensures that campaigns are always a step ahead.

In conclusion, the high expertise and best practices implementation that Merlin/Leonard brings to the table are akin to the most powerful incantations in the Grimoire of Success. With more than a decade of mastery over Marketo Engage and a profound understanding of data and legislation, Merlin/Leonard transforms marketing strategies into legendary campaigns that enchant audiences and turn leads into loyal subjects.

To go further…

In the grand tapestry of digital marketing, the delegation of Marketo campaigns by Merlin/Leonard is not a solitary star but part of a constellation of interconnected services. Each service – from website redesign and CMS, lead generation through social media platforms, data warehousing with advanced analytics, to comprehensive content creation – is an integral part of a larger ecosystem designed to propel your marketing efforts to celestial heights.


The website redesign and CMS integration serve as the digital façade, the first encounter that your audience has with your brand. A well-crafted website is like the majestic gates to Camelot, inviting visitors to explore the wonders within. Merlin/Leonard helps you ensuring these gates are not only welcoming but also optimized for conversion, with the seamless integration of Marketo to capture and nurture leads from the first click.

Simultaneously, the art of lead generation through targeted Facebook and LinkedIn ads is akin to the dispatch of the realm’s finest heralds, proclaiming your brand’s message far and wide. By funneling these leads back into Marketo, Merlin/Leonard creates a closed-loop system that maximizes the potential of each prospect.

The data warehouse is the fortress of knowledge, wherein lies the power of informed decision-making. By integrating with Tableau, Merlin/Leonard equips you with the ability to visualize your marketing landscape, deciphering patterns and trends that inform future campaigns – an essential component in the modern marketer’s arsenal.

At the heart of this ecosystem, content creation stands as the court’s minstrels, weaving stories that captivate and persuade. Merlin/Leonard’s expertise in crafting messages, designing compelling visuals, and copywriting ensures that your brand’s voice echoes with clarity and purpose across all channels. We can even show you how to use the latest artificial intelligence tools to help you with content creation…

This ecosystem, anchored by the delegation of Marketo campaigns, is a harmonious blend of strategy, technology, and creativity. It is designed to be flexible, scaling with your business needs and adapting to the ever-changing digital marketing realm. With Merlin/Leonard, each element works in concert, creating a symphony of marketing success that resonates with the right audience at the right time.

Let’s conclude

As we draw the curtains on this journey through the enchanted ecosystem that Merlin/Leonard has meticulously crafted, one thing becomes crystal clear: the path to marketing mastery is not a solitary quest but a collaborative saga. Delegating your Marketo campaigns to Merlin/Leonard is akin to entrusting your marketing lore to the guardians of an ancient and wise order, ensuring that each chapter of your brand’s story is told with precision, passion, and prowess.

Book a consultation with the Merlin/Leonard sages today, and let’s unveil together the scrolls of strategy that will elevate your marketing automation narrative to legendary status. This is not just about doing less but achieving more.

[Infographic] – Unleash the magic of delegating campaigns

Welcome, weary marketers, to the enchanted kingdom where the wand of delegation is mightier than the sword of manual labor!

In a world swirling with marketing strategies as varied as the stars in the night sky, there lies an often-overlooked approach that can supercharge your campaigns like Merlin’s wizardry or Leonardo’s visionary inventions—delegation.

Our sorcerers have concocted a striking infographics to present you all the advantages of delegating marketing automation campaigns.

Unlock the full potential of your campaigns with Merlin/Leonard’s expertise.

Download the infographics and contact us to start your magical journey!

Marketo Email Personalization: A Modern-Day Arthurian Tale

In a blend of the magical and the modern, let’s explore Marketo email personalization through an Arthurian lens. Imagine King Arthur, the legendary leader, using the power of personalization to rally his knights – much like leveraging Marketo tokens to enhance email engagement. Join us, Sylvain Davril of Merlin & Leonard, as we delve into this enchanting narrative, intertwining age-old wisdom with cutting-edge marketing tactics.

The Call of King Arthur: A Tale of Personalized Missives

Just as King Arthur would summon his knights to the Round Table, today’s marketers beckon their audience through personalized emails. Arthur, understanding the unique traits and tales of each knight, crafted his invitations with care and precision, ensuring every message resonated personally – a concept mirrored in the use of Marketo tokens.

Harnessing the Magic of Marketo Tokens

  1. Individualized Greetings: Like addressing each knight by their title and deeds, use tokens to personalize email salutations and subject lines.
  2. Tailored Content: Arthur’s messages varied, highlighting quests or feats relevant to each knight. Similarly, employ tokens to dynamically insert content specific to each recipient’s interests or interactions.
  3. Visual Appeal: Just as Arthur’s seal authenticated his scrolls, customize images in emails using tokens to reflect the recipient’s preferences or history.

The Round Table of Personalization

Arthur’s success lay in making each knight feel seen and valued. In your emails, replicate this by using tokens to:

Beyond the Castle Walls: Advanced Token Strategies


In the quest for effective digital marketing, the story of Arthur and his knights teaches us the timeless value of personalization. By embracing Marketo tokens, much like Arthur’s tailored approach to communication, marketers can forge stronger connections with their audience, turning every email campaign into a saga of engagement and loyalty.

Closing Remark

As we draw parallels between the legendary tales of Camelot and modern marketing automation, let us remember: in the art of communication, personalization is the sword that cuts through the noise, capturing hearts and minds, much like the gallant knights of yore. Embrace the Merlin/Leonard approach to Marketo email personalization, and embark on your own epic journey of marketing success.

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How to Implement GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing through a Robust Preference Centre


In the labyrinthine world of digital marketing, akin to an alchemist’s laboratory, navigating GDPR compliance is a crucial and intricate task for businesses, especially in the B2B domain. Sylvain Davril, the master locksmith at Merlin and Leonard, in his recent Marketo tip, unlocks the secrets to how to implement GDPR compliance in B2B Marketing. This article, inspired by the theme of a locksmith’s alchemist’s laboratory, explores the alchemy of combining compliance with customer experience through a well-crafted Preference Centre.

The Alchemy of a Preference Centre:

A Preference Centre, much like an alchemist’s crucible, is where the magic of customer choice and legal compliance meld. It serves as a central nexus, a mystical portal if you will, allowing customers to manage their communication preferences with ease. This is not just a nod to GDPR compliance, but a cornerstone in enhancing the customer journey.

Crafting the Preference Centre:

In designing this alchemical chamber, customer convenience is paramount. Placing the unsubscribe option at the forefront, as advocated by Davril, is like placing the philosopher’s stone within easy reach. Alternatively, the ‘IKEA methodology’, akin to a labyrinthine quest to the bottom of the page, encourages a thorough exploration of preferences.

Transparency: The Elixir of Trust:

A well-branded Preference Centre is like an open book of spells, revealing its purpose and use of information clearly. It should encompass various realms – personal details, company information, interest-based selections, and the sacred rights of opposition and oblivion.

GDPR: The Alchemist’s Codex:

In the mystical realm of B2B marketing, GDPR is the codex that guides. A robust Preference Centre not only adheres to these sacred texts by providing clear consent mechanisms but also serves as a singular point for managing the array of consents and preferences – a true alchemist’s feat.

Inbound Marketing: The Personalized Potion:

By enabling users to indicate their interests, a business can concoct personalized marketing strategies. This bespoke approach not only resonates with the GDPR’s doctrine of specific and objective-based consent but also enhances the potency of customer engagement.

Implementing Rights: The Spell of Compliance:

In this alchemical laboratory, facilitating the right to be informed and the right to be forgotten is akin to casting a powerful spell. Customers can invoke their right to know what data is held about them or to have their data completely erased from the company’s grimoires.


In the Merlin and Leonard theme of a locksmith’s alchemist’s laboratory, the Preference Centre becomes more than a mere tool; it’s an enchanted artifact that balances the scales of GDPR compliance and customer experience. Sylvain Davril, like an adept alchemist, shows how to implement GDPR compliance in B2B Marketing and that the art of compliance is not just about following rules; it’s about creating a harmonious blend of customer trust, engagement, and legal adherence.

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