Infographics – Unleash the magic of delegating campaigns

Welcome, weary marketers, to the enchanted kingdom where the wand of delegation is mightier than the sword of manual labor!

In a world swirling with marketing strategies as varied as the stars in the night sky, there lies an often-overlooked approach that can supercharge your campaigns like Merlin’s wizardry or Leonardo’s visionary inventions—delegation.

Our sorcerers have concocted a striking infographics to present you all the advantages of delegating marketing automation campaigns.

Unlock the full potential of your campaigns with Merlin/Leonard’s expertise.

Download the infographics and contact us to start your magical journey!

Marketo Email Personalization: A Modern-Day Arthurian Tale

In a blend of the magical and the modern, let’s explore Marketo email personalization through an Arthurian lens. Imagine King Arthur, the legendary leader, using the power of personalization to rally his knights – much like leveraging Marketo tokens to enhance email engagement. Join us, Sylvain Davril of Merlin & Leonard, as we delve into this enchanting narrative, intertwining age-old wisdom with cutting-edge marketing tactics.

The Call of King Arthur: A Tale of Personalized Missives

Just as King Arthur would summon his knights to the Round Table, today’s marketers beckon their audience through personalized emails. Arthur, understanding the unique traits and tales of each knight, crafted his invitations with care and precision, ensuring every message resonated personally – a concept mirrored in the use of Marketo tokens.

Harnessing the Magic of Marketo Tokens

  1. Individualized Greetings: Like addressing each knight by their title and deeds, use tokens to personalize email salutations and subject lines.
  2. Tailored Content: Arthur’s messages varied, highlighting quests or feats relevant to each knight. Similarly, employ tokens to dynamically insert content specific to each recipient’s interests or interactions.
  3. Visual Appeal: Just as Arthur’s seal authenticated his scrolls, customize images in emails using tokens to reflect the recipient’s preferences or history.

The Round Table of Personalization

Arthur’s success lay in making each knight feel seen and valued. In your emails, replicate this by using tokens to:

Beyond the Castle Walls: Advanced Token Strategies


In the quest for effective digital marketing, the story of Arthur and his knights teaches us the timeless value of personalization. By embracing Marketo tokens, much like Arthur’s tailored approach to communication, marketers can forge stronger connections with their audience, turning every email campaign into a saga of engagement and loyalty.

Closing Remark

As we draw parallels between the legendary tales of Camelot and modern marketing automation, let us remember: in the art of communication, personalization is the sword that cuts through the noise, capturing hearts and minds, much like the gallant knights of yore. Embrace the Merlin/Leonard approach to Marketo email personalization, and embark on your own epic journey of marketing success.

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How to Implement GDPR Compliance in B2B Marketing through a Robust Preference Centre


In the labyrinthine world of digital marketing, akin to an alchemist’s laboratory, navigating GDPR compliance is a crucial and intricate task for businesses, especially in the B2B domain. Sylvain Davril, the master locksmith at Merlin and Leonard, in his recent Marketo tip, unlocks the secrets to how to implement GDPR compliance in B2B Marketing. This article, inspired by the theme of a locksmith’s alchemist’s laboratory, explores the alchemy of combining compliance with customer experience through a well-crafted Preference Centre.

The Alchemy of a Preference Centre:

A Preference Centre, much like an alchemist’s crucible, is where the magic of customer choice and legal compliance meld. It serves as a central nexus, a mystical portal if you will, allowing customers to manage their communication preferences with ease. This is not just a nod to GDPR compliance, but a cornerstone in enhancing the customer journey.

Crafting the Preference Centre:

In designing this alchemical chamber, customer convenience is paramount. Placing the unsubscribe option at the forefront, as advocated by Davril, is like placing the philosopher’s stone within easy reach. Alternatively, the ‘IKEA methodology’, akin to a labyrinthine quest to the bottom of the page, encourages a thorough exploration of preferences.

Transparency: The Elixir of Trust:

A well-branded Preference Centre is like an open book of spells, revealing its purpose and use of information clearly. It should encompass various realms – personal details, company information, interest-based selections, and the sacred rights of opposition and oblivion.

GDPR: The Alchemist’s Codex:

In the mystical realm of B2B marketing, GDPR is the codex that guides. A robust Preference Centre not only adheres to these sacred texts by providing clear consent mechanisms but also serves as a singular point for managing the array of consents and preferences – a true alchemist’s feat.

Inbound Marketing: The Personalized Potion:

By enabling users to indicate their interests, a business can concoct personalized marketing strategies. This bespoke approach not only resonates with the GDPR’s doctrine of specific and objective-based consent but also enhances the potency of customer engagement.

Implementing Rights: The Spell of Compliance:

In this alchemical laboratory, facilitating the right to be informed and the right to be forgotten is akin to casting a powerful spell. Customers can invoke their right to know what data is held about them or to have their data completely erased from the company’s grimoires.


In the Merlin and Leonard theme of a locksmith’s alchemist’s laboratory, the Preference Centre becomes more than a mere tool; it’s an enchanted artifact that balances the scales of GDPR compliance and customer experience. Sylvain Davril, like an adept alchemist, shows how to implement GDPR compliance in B2B Marketing and that the art of compliance is not just about following rules; it’s about creating a harmonious blend of customer trust, engagement, and legal adherence.

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[Infographics] – GDPR Compliance checklist

5 rules for your GDPR Compliance – checklist

In our checklist, you’ll find all our best practices to :

  1. Refine your preference center
  2. Improve the quality of your data
  3. Create a better customer experience
  4. Comply with the GDPR!

checklist preference centre EN

Test your Marketo skills

Evaluate your level of use of the Marketo tool in order to determine what the next steps are for you: an introductory training in Marketo, an advanced training on mastering the tool or even obtaining the MCE certification for you to be recognized as a Marketo expert?

Quiz - Which Marketo training for you?

Quiz - Which Marketo training for you?

Test your Marketo skills!

press Enter

PARTIE 1 - General & operational use of Marketo

Q1. In order to track the activity of visitors on your website, what technical parameter should be implemented?
Q2. What do we need to use dynamic content?
Q3. What can we do with a Marketo form?
Multiple possible answers
Q4. Where can we use tokens?
Multiple possible answers
Q5. Is it possible to limit the number of marketing emails to be sent per day and per week to the same person?
Q6. You want to stop sending content to a group of people in an existing engagement program. What should you do?

PARTIE 2 - Lead Management (Scoring and Lead Lifecycle)

Q7. In which smart campaigns should you use a “change data value” flow with the “Person status” attribute?
Q8. You manage in your CRM 4 company sizes in a selective list (1-100, 101-500, 501-2000, 2000+). You want to manage different demographic scores based on business size in real time. A business can grow or shrink in size.
Q9. In order to send personalized messages to sales teams, you must create in Marketo:
Q10. In order to add the behavioral score and global score points on a lead who performed an action to be scored (e.g. opened an email), you need:

PARTIE 3 - Data Quality Management

Q11. What best practices can be implemented to maintain and improve the quality of data in Marketo?
Multiple possible answers
Q12. What best practices can be implemented to maintain order and organization in Marketo?
Multiple possible answers
Q13. Acquisition tracking is key to answering the question “where do leads and revenue come from?” ". What needs to be implemented to be able to answer this question correctly?
Multiple possible answers
Q14. In order to improve the quality of the database, you can set up in Marketo:
Multiple possible answers

PARTIE 4 - Reporting & Analytics

Q15. What criteria does Marketo use to identify the programs that most influence sales and opportunities?
Q16. When should custom columns be added to a People Performance report?
Q17. Which two columns in the Program Performance report are calculated based on the acquisition program?
Multiple possible answers

PARTIE 5 - CRM integration (Salesforce)

Q18. The US and France do not agree on the scoring system. They want to separate their scoring fields and programs in Marketo. What would be the impact in the CRM? (Salesforce)
Q19. Marketo is natively integrated with Salesforce CRM. I want to create a new field in both platforms that will be synchronized, I need:
Q20. Marketo is integrated with Salesforce or MS Dynamics through native integration. What are the prerequisites for correct revenue attribution calculations in Marketo?
Multiple possible answers
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Marketo Resources: did you know?

Did you know how much we can use Marketo resources to deliver a memorable customer experience?

Quiz - Marketo resources - did you know?

Quiz - Marketo resources - did you know?

Did you know to which extent we can use Marketo resources to deliver a memorable customer experience?

press Enter
The same form on your website can adapt to each key of the customer journey with a different number of fields at each pass (the number of fields being decided by the marketing)
It is possible to reorder landing page blocks
Marketo forms can have multiple steps
It is possible to display a promotional banner on all emails and landing pages with a simple filling of tokens
You can display a pop-up or a pop-in without Web personalization on a Marketo LP
Cookie-based form pre-filling works on the website
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[Infographics] – Data Quality cheat sheet

In recent years, data has become the new grail of business.

But only if the data collected from customers and prospects is of the right quality…

What you’ll find in this fact sheet :

Merlin and Léonard have concocted a highly effective anti-data sheet to ensure that we win the battle against the hydra of poor data quality. Here, they give us the actions to implement for the big Data Quality project, broken down by level of difficulty and by type!

Download the complete Data Quality Cheat Sheet now.

Cheat Sheet Data Quality

[Infographics] – The 5 keys to Data Quality

In recent years, data has become the new grail of business.

But the data collected from customers and prospects must be of good quality…

What you’ll find in this Data Quality checklist :

Merlin finally shares with us his magic formula for combating poor data quality – aka Evil -: his Data Quality Checklist!

To achieve this, your data must be:

Download the complete Data Quality Checklist infographic now, and with all these elements, Merlin assures you of an effective, standards-compliant formula against Evil.

The 7 causes of marketing automation failure

Download our HD Infographic: The 7 causes of marketing automation failure

Marketing automation has become an essential tool for any company seeking to optimize its marketing efforts and increase its return on investment. However, misuse or poor deployment of this tool can lead to disappointment and even failure. That’s why we’ve prepared a detailed infographic summarizing the common causes of marketing automation failure. This article explains how to avoid the 7 causes of marketing automation failure.

Overview of the infographic

The 7 causes of marketing automation failure - placeholder

Our infographic provides an overview of the seven main causes of marketing automation failure, namely lack of marketing strategy, lack of alignment between marketing and sales teams, inadequate content strategy, poor knowledge of marketing automation best practices, and poor organization of the marketing team. For each cause, we propose relevant solutions to remedy them and ensure the success of your marketing automation.

  1. Lack of marketing strategy
  2. Lack of alignment between marketing and sales
  3. Inadequate content strategy
  4. Errors in crucial marketing automation programs: scoring and lead life cycle
  5. Low level of marketing team maturity
  6. Poor organization of the marketing team
  7. Lack of Marketing Automation best practices

Triggers or real-time marketing in Marketo

🧙‍♂️⚔️👑 Embark on a journey of strategy and foresight with #MerlinLeonard and discover real-time marketing!

Think of King Arthur, vigilant in his stronghold – the market; with his brave knights – his team; and the elusive Morgana – the unexpected guest. 🎯

Suddenly, a brilliant light signals – not Excalibur, but equally potent – a #MarketoTip! 💡

Led by our in-house wizard, Sylvain Davril 🧙‍♂️, Arthur discovers the secret to Marketo’s real-time triggers. Now, he’s prepared to foresee and plan based on Morgana’s potential actions.

When Morgana fills a form at the castle entrance, a real-time alert is sent to Arthur. His knights receive immediate notifications. Arthur, acting as a skilled leader, conveys instant alerts to his knights, his call to arms echoing throughout the castle. 🏰

Employing the journey tracking spell, Arthur keeps track of Morgana’s progress within the castle. He’s prepared for every action, each step, ready to react when required.

With #MarketoTriggers, Arthur morphs his castle into a hub of real-time customer engagement.

Be the King Arthur of your market with #MerlinLeonard. Leverage Marketo’s capabilities to make customer data your ally. Let our #MarketoTips aid you in crafting a legendary success story! 🎵

Join us at our weekly Round Table every Friday at 10am for an hour of free discussions, queries, and sharing of Marketo’s finest practices.

Proving the value of marketing with Marketo’s Opportunity Influence Analyzer

🏰🧙‍♂️Salutations from the magical dominions of Merlin/Leonard! 🧙‍♂️🏰

Today’s tale from King Arthur’s 🤴court is a perfect reflection of the ongoing saga in many business kingdoms. The unsung hero of our story? Marketo’s ‘Opportunity Influence Analyzer’ tool! ⚔️🔮

Arthur, once believing victories were solely due to his Knights (Sales), uncovered the concealed magic of his Wizards (Marketing), who had been stirring up influence even before the Knights readied their steeds. 🧙‍♂️✨

🎯 By activating Marketo’s Opportunity Influence Analyzer, linked with Salesforce, Arthur discovered every interaction – magical touches that were made before, during, and post a victory, involving Knights and Wizards alike. 🌌

And what a revelation it was! 👀 The surge in total interactions unveiled the crucial role of the Wizards, or the pivotal contribution of marketing.

Today, Arthur’s appreciation for his Wizards has grown leaps and bounds. He sees the vital spells they spin to make the kingdom flourish. 🏰✨

From the desk of our Wizards today? 🧙‍♂️ Embrace the Opportunity Influence Analyzer tool. Unveil your hard work. Show your Knights that the magic they see is not an illusion but a real game-changer! 💫

And always remember, it’s not just the sword that wields magic, it’s the spell too. 🗡️🔮

And don’t miss our grand gathering every Friday at 10am for a free hour of chat, queries, and sharing of Marketo best practices.

Use your CRM Business Model in Marketo for a better Customer Marketing thanks to Marketo Custom Objects

🔮✨👑 [Marketo Tip #05 – Your business model comes to life with Marketo] 👑✨🔮

Top of the morning to everyone, Sylvain Davril from Merlin/Leonard here! Today I have a Camelot-inspired story to highlight the usefulness of Custom Objects in Marketo.

Think of King Arthur, facing an unprecedented drought. To save his lands, he requires the services of wizards who can cause rain. With a CRM of wizards and their spells, how do you select only the ones who can make it rain?

🌦️ This is where Marketo Custom Objects come into play in King Arthur’s dilemma:

1️⃣ Arthur sets up a “Spells” Custom Object in Marketo, incorporating all the significant details such as the spell name, power level, duration, and the wizard who has it.
2️⃣ Then, our king imports these details from an Excel file or through an integration between his CRM and Marketo.
3️⃣ Custom Objects allow Arthur to create filters to target only those wizards capable of eliciting rain.
4️⃣ With Marketo’s Triggers, Arthur can trigger targeted actions, such as sending an email summoning wizards when rain is needed.
5️⃣ This way, Arthur can manage his wizard repertoire, ensure rain on his lands and preserve his crops!

With Marketo and Custom Objects, data management becomes as easy as counting to three! Whether you’re an old-time king or a modern entrepreneur, Marketo helps you target and communicate with your audience effectively and accurately.

Be sure to follow us for the next Marketo Tip. Long live King Arthur and powerful data management! 🏰🧙‍♂️💼

And I also invite you to join us every Friday at 10am for 1 free hour of discussion, questions and sharing of Marketo best practices.