Integration : Marketo & CRM

Marketo Office Hours - 05/02/21

50mn   Expert Level

This session was dedicated to Marketo – CRM integration.

Sylvain opens his Marketing Automation – Marketo – and his CRM – Salesforce – to present us the secrets of this native integration, and the best practices to get the most out of it.

00:00 The end-to-end lifecycle. What happens when you acquire Marketing Automation in the CRM? Definition of the Qualification / Enrichment / Conversion / Deduplication processes
06:30 The difference between Lead and Contact. Why Marketing preferentially uses the Lead to receive information from the Lead.
08:30 Question: Can we send an alert to the sales team when the lead is converted?
12:25 The Revenue Cycle Model becomes available when synchronization is implemented
13:20 The Program Analyzer and the Revenue Attribution Engine of Marketo
15:10 The Opportunity Influence Analyzer
16:36 How Marketo CRM Synchronization Works
18:50 Impact of Sync on Marketo Fields
20:30 Question: I have MS dynamics and I have some unmapped fields
21:30 Possibility to remap or merge fields with Marketo support
22:08 Choice of default synchronization settings on Marketo side
24:25 Marketo iframes to insert in CRMs and Interesting moments
25:50 Transfer of people from MArketo to CRM and Lead Life Cycle program
27:20 Filters, triggers and actions possible in the CRM from Marketo thanks to the synchro
30:00 Impact of partitions on the lead life cycle and scoring
31:30 Question: why only one campaign that pushes leads to the CRM? and the management of keys between Marketo and the CRM
37:48 Question : what happens if a salesperson adds a person to a Salesforce campaign that is synchronized with Marketo
41:19 synchronization of custom objects Salesforce – Marketo .example of Quizzes

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Posted By Sylvain

For the past 20 years, Sylvain has been choosing and assembling the best technologies for his key account clients, to help them create a successful end-to-end customer experience. Surely the Leonard of the team, he is a fan - and expert - of Marketo! He sits next to his clients, drives them forward and makes Marketing Automation projects succeed with his team.