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Add magic and genius to your marketing for a memorable customer experience.

Our 100% Marketing Automation offers

Magic and genius...
Merlin/Leonard is a marketing consulting firm specializing in the Marketo Engage marketing automation platform.
We support you, large groups and ETIs, in the development and implementation of your marketing strategy in order to offer a memorable customer experience.


Secure the deployment of your project and get ahead with our experts

Our experts at the service of your digital marketing challenges. Listen, personalize, react, animate, integrate, support, configure, implement best practices: we support you until the autonomy of your teams on Marketo.


Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned player, you will inevitably find a training course that will take you further!

From start-up to certification, Merlin/Leonard's experts support you towards total autonomy that will take you far in the use of your tool.


Use Merlin/Leonard's Marketo Support to secure your Marketing operations and push the limits of marketing

Whether you need support on your instance, to replace a member of your team, to validate your campaigns, to review your MA/CRM integration, on-demand training or even to review your scoring, our support contracts are flexible and adaptable.

Bronze Solution Partner Marketo Engage Specialist

A Martech stack for all your needs

Merlin/Leonard is the first partner of Marketo Engage in France.

At Merlin/Leonard, we have chosen to work with a complete Stack Marketing; All these solutions are used internally and integrated without having made a line of code. This set of technologies allows us to best meet all the needs of our customers.

What they say about us...

Merlin/Leonard carried out more than 100 Marketo projects since its creation with satisfied customers who continue to trust us.

...and why they say so!

At Merlin/Leonard, we are very attached to our customers, their progress towards the different levels of digital maturity and their success. Our philosophy is to support each of you towards total autonomy, especially on your Marketo platform.


    We put ourselves in our customers' shoes


    We fight for our customers


    We always find a solution for our customers


    We empower our clients


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