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Marketo Advanced instructor-led online

Become autonomous on Marketo

Build your Marketo expertise with a certified consultant in three days! For beginners and intermediate users.

Price for the 1st person, 50% off from the 2nd person.

Terms of access: access to training from the day following confirmation of registration, depending on the availability of the instructor

Duration: 6 half-days (21 hours)   Difficulty: Beginner / Intermediate

  • Ideal for intermediate users
  • A dedicated coach to accompany you and answer all your questions
  • In-Depth Guide for the Email Program Template and A/B Testing
  • Step-by-step guide to your event, nurturing and advanced nurturing programs
  • A final evaluation
  • Qualiopi pack to finance your training (OPCO)!
  • No prerequisites to access the training

A satisfaction rate of 4.8/5 on average for participants to date (13/07/2023)


people have already completed the Advanced training to date (13/07/2023)

Training Objectives

You will deepen the notions covered in the First Steps and the Essentials, with the best tips and tricks from our experts.

You will practice by creating program templates that you can easily clone later to save time.

Workshops are designed to get you working in Marketo from the simplest to the most advanced campaign.

These campaigns, once completed, will be both models and production campaigns for the newsletter, events and your nurturing scenarios…

Our methodology is based on short videos, showing a feature, an exercise to do on your side to practice and a quick quiz to validate that you have assimilated the concept presented.

Campaigns created during the workshops

  • Email campaign + A/B testing (Newsletter or prospecting campaign)
  • Event / Webinar
  • Nurturing and Advanced Nurturing

Reports will be created in each campaign.

And much more for successful marketing:

  • The best examples of screenplays in Merlin/Leonard
  • Sylvain’s tips
  • Step-by-step guides to successful campaigns
  • and answers to all your questions by our experts!
the best Marketo training courses by Merlin/Leonard

This course should be of particular interest to you if…

  • You want to become autonomous in Marketo and create your Marketing initiatives from A to Z!
  • You will be managing Marketo for your team and need to know the solution at your fingertips
  • You must create and make available marketing campaign templates for other departments or subsidiaries

This training is not open to marketing agencies and consultants.

It is recommended to have previously completed the Marketo Essentials training to be able to take the Marketo Advanced training.

Gain full autonomy on Marketo and start creating your campaigns - Training's details

The prerequisites and objectives of the training

  • Train on simple to more complicated campaigns
  • Deepen your mastery of typical programs such as email blasts, content downloads, webinars, events etc.
  • Go further by discovering new features and best practices
  • Analyze the performance of these programs
  • Build advanced nurturing programs

Advanced Marketo Overview

  • Why use Miro in addition to Marketo
  • Advanced navigation in Marketo
  • Link different Marketo instances together to easily switch or exchange programs
  • View the marketo program library
  • Subscribing to notifications
  • Search by screen and global search
  • Audit trail
  • For more information > Marketo tip on Web Perso
  • For more information > Implementing an effective naming standard
  • Making good use of the community
  • Using support
  • Fighting click bots

Database - Advanced

  • Marketo's important fields
  • Presenting the details of a person
  • Creating fields in Marketo
  • Blocking fields in update
  • Hiding fields
  • For more information>Marketo tip on Not getting tangled up in creating Marketo fields
  • For more information > Marketo tip on Easily finding the right information in Marketo
  • Manual action on a person

Coaching Session #1

  • Ask all your questions to a certified consultant!
  • Check your knowledge acquisition together

Email Program - Advanced

  • Introduction to the Emailing Program
  • Checking the Email Channel
  • Creating the Emailing Program
  • Selecting the audience
  • Email preparation
  • Preparing status advancement Smart Campaigns (delivered, opened, clicked, multiple clicked, unsubscribe, bounced)
  • Testing your email and campaign
  • Analyze your sending with the Email Performance and Email Link Performance Report
  • Marketo Tip on Better interpreting email perf with segmentations
  • Marketo Tip on Better interpreting email perf with segmentations
  • Marketo Tip on Cross-referencing Email Performance reports with segmentations
  • Marketo tip on Personalize your emails with tokens
  • Marketo tip on Email alerts to sales reps
  • Marketo tip on Saving yourself shame by testing your images
  • Marketo tip on Understanding why emails aren't delivered

Intermediate Assessment Email Program - Advanced

  • 10 questions to validate your learning

Coaching Session #2

  • Ask all your questions to a certified consultant!
  • Check your knowledge acquisition together

Email A/B Test Program

  • Preparing for the Email A/B test
  • A/B testing on the subject line
  • A/B testing on full emails
  • A/B testing on the time of sending
  • A/B testing on the sender
  • Proceed with testing
  • Analyze results during testing
  • Analyze results after the test
  • Optimal sample size calculation
  • Non-delivered emails: communication limits
  • Non-delivered emails: Smart Campaigns security
  • Flow campaign activation oversight

Intermediate Assessment Email Program A/B Test - Advanced

  • 10 questions to validate your learning

Coaching Session #3

  • Ask all your questions to a certified consultant!
  • Check your knowledge acquisition together

Program Event

  • Introduction to the Event Program on Miro
  • Creating the Event Program
  • Example of an actual targeting
  • Analysis of a live M/L form
  • Creating the form
  • Importing Templates and analyzing Marketo templates
  • Analysis of Merlin/Leonard Event template
  • Creating the registration LP
  • Changing the URL of its LP
  • Making an LP dynamic with a segment
  • Creating the thank you LP
  • Emails presentation and invitation email creation
  • Customizing the email
  • Creating the follow-up emails
  • Creating reminder emails
  • Creating the smart campaign for invitation and reminder / follow-up emails
  • Notification campaign in case of form completion
  • Insert a "Save the Date"
  • Use for Save the Date
  • Use Date tokens for invitation sending campaign
  • Alternative for sending reminders and follow-ups
  • Campaigns to change Invited and Registered status
  • Welcome registrants on the day with Marketo Event
  • Verifying attendees in Marketo
  • React to attendees' arrival with a welcome email
  • Reacting to attendees' arrival with a text message
  • After the event
  • Import attendees with a list if no tablet
  • Manage the "No Show"
  • Post-event emails

Intermediate Assessment Event Program - Advanced

  • 20 questions to validate your learning

Coaching Session #4

  • Ask all your questions to a certified consultant!
  • Check your knowledge acquisition together

Nurturing Program

  • Nurturing a story the French way, or the American way
  • Examples of nurturing at Merlin/Leonard - Simple story
  • Example 2 - Nurturing for Sales
  • Example 3 - Nurturing post Boat Show
  • The "Nurture" channel
  • Creating the Nurturing Program and options
  • Creation of sub-folders
  • Creating content streams and options
  • Beware of these two pitfalls
  • Creating content emails
  • Adding emails to content streams
  • Smart Campagne adding people into Nurturing - Past Event
  • Smart Campaign add people in Nurturing - Future Event
  • Smart Campaign for Pause
  • Smart Campaign to get out of Pause
  • Smart Campaign for Stream Change - Score
  • Smart Campaign for Stream Change - End of Stream
  • Smart Campaign for managing "Engaged" status.
  • Smart Campaign for managing "Form Filled-out" status
  • Member Status. Should we manage it?
  • Security - an email is only sent once
  • Testing your Nurturing

Intermediate Assessment Nurturing Program

  • 10 questions to validate your learning

Coaching Session #5

  • Ask all your questions to a certified consultant!
  • Check your knowledge acquisition together

Advanced Nurturing Program

  • Why "advanced" nurturing
  • Introduction to an Advanced Nurturing Program
  • Creating a dedicated channel for Default email programs within nurturing
  • Creation of EM-1-1 Program and email cloning
  • Creation of the smart campaign for email sending
  • Status change smart campaigns
  • Inserting the program into the nurturing stream
  • Conclusion

Intermediate Assessment Nurturing Program - Advanced

  • 10 questions to validate your learning

Coaching Session #6

  • Ask all your questions to a certified consultant!
  • Check your knowledge acquisition together

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What our clients say

Our certified consultants

  • Sylvain Davril
    Leonard & Marketo Architect
    For the past 20 years, Sylvain has been choosing and assembling the best technologies for his key account clients, to help them create a successful end-to-end customer experience. Surely the Leonard of the team, he is a fan - and expert - of Marketo! He sits next to his clients, drives them forward and makes Marketing Automation projects succeed with his team.
  • Anne-Sophie Mazurek
    Certified Senior Marketo Consultant
    Passionate about marketing, strategy and CRM, Anne-Sophie is a qualified, dynamic and professional consultant with a wide range of skills from consulting to operations in marketing, strategy, customer relationship management, digital, events, project management and business development acquired during more than 10 years of experience within international premium brands in France and abroad.
  • Vincent Mauduit
    Consultant certifié Marketo
    Vincent is a Marketing Automation consultant at Merlin/Leonard and a certified Marketo expert. He helps his clients set up their marketing campaigns and accompanies them on their Marketing Automation projects. He is Merlin/Leonard's main trainer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a computer, your Marketo access keys and basic computer knowledge. A good knowledge of English is highly recommended.
The training requires an basic knowledge of Marketo: we recommend that you have done the Marketo Essentials training before.

If you do not have access to a Marketo instance, do not hesitate to contact us.

At the end of the final evaluation, we will give you a document certifying that you have successfully completed the training. If you have a two-year experience with Marketo, we recommend taking the Marketo Certified Expert exam with Adobe. Merlin/Leonard offers a three-day training with a certified expert to prepare you for it (90% success rate).

Yes, Merlin/Leonard has passed the certifications and is Datadock and Qualiopi certified. However, you cannot finance your training with your CPF account.

All our trainers are Marketo Certified Expert certified. They also have the particularity of being daily users of the tool as consultants, in addition to their training activity. They’ll gladly share their best tips and tricks for getting the most out of Marketo.