Create beautiful email & LP Marketo templates with OTOWUI

We present OTOWUI this Friday in our #Marketoofficehour @10AM CET with Charles.

First impressions are often the right ones.

In marketing, it’s often your emails and landing pages that are the first line and set the tone.

On this side, I tried everything with Marketo.

  1. Using the free templates (thanks Marketo!) and adapting them to my charter: good as a first approach but still missing this totally gimmicky section, so absolutely essential.
  2. Trying an “expert” freelancer: yeah…, not too happy with the result on the long term, too many bugs hidden on the right and on the left.
  3. (I didn’t try to have my templates made by a non-specialized agency, I’m not crazy).
  4. To have a set of templates made by a Marketo agency in India: there you have to specify everything in the smallest details otherwise it is not done; the cultural difference is there.
  5. I looked at Knak for a while but their rates are well adapted to mature markets like the USA, not France.
  6. Having a set of templates made by a specialized Marketo agency in France: that’s great, it’s a budget, but afterwards you’re autonomous, with templates according to your charter.

And that’s when the communication team arrives proudly with a rebranding plan.

Of course, on emails, we can manage because the colors and fonts are customizable on the templates, but on web pages, often, the difference is too important to be manageable with the parameters of the template….

But then, no solution on the horizon?

Yes, there is one: my friend Charles THIERY created OTOWUI which allows you to :

Very excited to show you the latest news. Charles and Sylvain