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20 hours to use or improve on the Marketo solution.

On-demand, self-paced learning.

Merlin/Leonard offers to assist you in your Marketing Automation efforts with our Marketo training.

  • 99 videos of 6 hours in total with Sylvain Davril, the French Marketo expert
  • 42 quizzes
  • 34 exercises
  • the creation of your own brochure program template
  • A final quiz
  • 4 coaching sessions

After these 20 hours alternating presentations and practical work in Marketo, you will know how to use this powerful and simple marketing automation solution effectively.

You will learn :

  • To manage your data efficiently via the “Lead Database” module.
  • Create your email templates, forms and landing pages easily from the Design Studio.
  • Set up your marketing programs in their entirety, segmented contact lists, marketing automation scenarios, etc.
  • Track your results with the Analytics module for accurate reporting of your performance and ROI generated by each action.

… and all the questions you might have thanks to 4 coaching sessions!

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