Self-paced Marketo first steps training

Marketo First Steps self-paced

Your first steps in Marketo with a first hands-on exercise

Discover Marketo at your own pace with the self-paced Marketo First Steps course! Price per person.
Terms of access: upon confirmation of registration

Access: 90 days   Duration: 4 hours   Difficulty: Beginner

  • Ideal for beginners
  • 45 videos of 60 minutes in total with Sylvain Davril, the French Marketo Expert
  • 19 exercises to practice the theory learned
  • 21 quizzes to validate your learning
  • A step by step guide to create an Emailing Program
  • A final quiz to confirm your learned skills!
  • No prerequisites to access the training

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Training Objectives

You are discovering Marketo and its email program. You will make your first email, your first targeting, and your first sending.

Well done! At the end of this training, you will be able to send your emailing campaigns and measure your results.

Our methodology is based on short videos, showing a feature, an exercise to do on your side to practice and a quick quiz to validate that you have assimilated the concept presented.

Basic concepts of Marketo

  • Discover the platform and log in
  • Navigate effectively in Marketo
  • Improve in productivity by correctly arranging and naming folders and programs
  • Understanding the terminologies used
  • Understanding the notion of Program in Marketo

Send your first email with Marketo

  • Create an initial targeting by importing a contact file
  • Create your first email from the templates provided by Marketo
  • Setting up the program to send your first email
  • Monitor your results with reporting
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This course should be of particular interest to you if…

  • You want to touch Marketo with a quick training, to determine if you shoud be more invested in the use of the tool
  • You want to see or review the fundamentals of the Emailing program and its reporting
  • You will need to clone and configure campaigns in Marketo based on templates, this is the right way to start! You will continue behind with Marketo Essentials
  • You want to become autonomous in Marketo and create your Marketing initiatives from A to Z! This is also the right way to start, then you will continue with Marketo Essentials and Marketo Advanced which will deepen all the subjects.

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Take your first steps on Marketo - Detailed training plan

The creation of a Marketo Program

  • Getting a handle on the different concepts: programs and their different types, smart campaigns, resources
  • The crucial notion of Channel: the sub-type of program that allows you to set your custom steps within the program
  • The creation of the Program and its naming standard and cloning
  • Introduction to how the Email Program works, the different views and its settings

Navigating in Marketo

  • The different bricks of Marketo and how to access them

Final Evaluation

  • 20 questions to validate your learning

The folders

  • Discover the importance of folders in organizing your campaigns and how to create, edit, move or delete them
  • Understand why a folder and program naming standard will benefit you in the long run and example

Access to Marketo

  • How to simply log in to Marketo.


  • The prerequisites and objectives of the training: discover Marketo and send your first email!

The sending

  • Understand how to schedule an email to be sent

The email

  • How to create an email in Marketo from a template and understand the email editor
  • Knowing what can be done with the sender, and the subject of the email
  • Playing with modules to create your custom email
  • Add links and CTAs, set footer and other properties
  • Approve, test, send

The targeting

  • Introduction and Creation of a Static List
  • Creating and importing your first contact file into Marketo; best practices for successful import
  • Defining a view to display the data that is important to you
  • Build your first targeting with a smart list

The reporting

  • Analyzing the results of the emailing in the dashboard
  • Understanding a person's activity log

What our customers say...

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Please contact us to set up the procedure to allow participation in the best conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions

You must have a computer, your Marketo access keys and basic computer knowledge. A good knowledge of English is highly recommended. Marketo First Steps training requires no prior knowledge of Marketo.

If you do not have access to a Marketo instance, do not hesitate to contact us.

At the end of the final evaluation, we will give you a document certifying that you have successfully completed the training. If you have a two-year experience with Marketo, we recommend taking the Marketo Certified Expert exam with Adobe. Merlin/Leonard offers a three-day training with a certified expert to prepare you for it (90% success rate).

Yes, Merlin/Leonard has passed the certifications and is Datadock and Qualiopi certified. However, you cannot finance your training with your CPF account.