Marie-Hélène Pora

Trained on the job by my colleagues, I was using Marketo without really understanding how it worked. The Marketo Essentials training course enabled me to fill this gap. I now have a good understanding of the specifics of each program, and can analyze the results of my campaigns more effectively. I can prepare my campaigns faster by following the method I’ve learned.

I appreciated being able to organize my time as I wished, at my own pace, and being able to come back to the videos. The coaching sessions with Vincent were very useful. He answered all my questions and pointed me in the right direction.

David De Sousa

As a recent Marketo user, I was first trained in-house on the different graphic assets for emailing creation within a marketing department as a graphic designer, then I moved on to the automation side, and it was when I took this step that I turned to Merlin/Leonard’s training courses.

I needed to follow a didactic training course run by professionals. The complete training course enabled me to go back over what I’d learned with a different eye, and also to discover new functionalities. It enabled me to broaden my field of action and validate my skills. I highly recommend Merlin/Leonard’s training courses.

Julie Duhil

Before embarking on this training course, I had no notion of Marketing Automation and even less of Marketo.
The Merlin/Leonard training course enabled me to explore the tool’s initial functionalities, to discover the pillars of Marketing Automation and also to delve deeper into more complex subjects.
Thanks to Sylvain’s pedagogy, the modules of this e-learning course are accessible to everyone, from beginners to more advanced users.
I was delighted to be able to take the Essentials and Advanced modules on my own.
The e-learning formula is interesting because it allows you to practice regularly and progress at your own pace whenever you have free time. I can’t recommend Merlin/Leonard’s self-paced training enough!

Michaël Detailleur

Being fairly new to using Marketo, I followed the Merlin/Leonard self-paced training course. I started with the First Steps trainingn then Essentials, to finish with the Advanced.

These trainings are very well detailed and allow to appropriate ourselves the Marketo tool in a record time and understand its different uses.

The course makes us develop our skills and the exercises allow us to put the theory acquired into practice. Finally, Sylvain and Vincent were both very available when I had questions or comments which, again, is a real plus during e-learning training.

Mariko De Frenne

I use Marketo daily in my professional activity, and this training allowed me to better understand, integrate practices and tips to save time and optimize my use of Marketo.
I was able to progress at my own pace, the training is divided into modules composed of short theoretical videos, followed by quizzes, exercises to properly integrate each stage. It is therefore a very concrete training that allows you to understand and immediately apply the learning.
The coaching sessions also allow you to answer practical questions.
I recommend this training, whatever the level, to train concretely and at your own pace and to have immediate results.

Marion Reynaud

Having never used the Marketo marketing automation tool before, I needed a comprehensive training course on the tool and its many features. As I already had some knowledge of another tool in my previous experience, I opted for a 100% digital training course, interspersed with videoconference sessions with an expert, available to go deeper into a subject or ask questions on certain points I was still confused about.

This training course was really very clear and rich, thanks in particular to the direct application in concrete examples of each function explained. What’s more, the availability of the Merlin/Leonard team and the clarity of the explanations given enabled me to become autonomous with this tool very quickly and to be able to apply this training directly in my daily work.

I highly recommend this training course, and advise you to choose the most complete package to become completely at ease with the Marketo tool.