Denis Tanneux

We delegate the management of all our loyalty marketing campaigns to Merlin/Leonard.

What we appreciate most, beyond the team’s professionalism and availability, is their flexibility and the few constraints they impose.

Campaign management often goes beyond the scope of creation, implementation and execution, and Merlin/Leonard is able to provide rapid solutions to our design issues, creation of graphic resources, integration and CRM issues, as well as certain CMS and web needs.

We can also count on the team to advise us on actions and improvements to be implemented.

Véronique Serres

Already a user of a marketing automation tool, I had specific questions about the blockages I had encountered. Sylvain being a user himself, we were able to talk about best practices. We discussed concrete cases and started creating my first campaigns together. Sylvain was able to adapt to our business issues, to my level of knowledge of marketing automation and to our priorities. More than an integrator, he acted as an advisor. With pedagogy, he guided me in my reflection on my past mistakes and on the possibilities offered by a marketing automation tool. Thank you Sylvain!

Natacha Parvez

The Merlin/Leonard Essentials training proved to be indispensable to our on-boarding on the solution. Sylvain knew how to popularize and dedicate Marketo, which is very powerful but extremely complex, especially when it comes to setting up the tool. Sylvain allows us to save a precious time at each of his interventions and reassures us about our initiatives, before their implementation. Sylvain’s dual marketing/technical skills are a real plus and we consider him more of a partner than an integrator. I can only recommend Merlin/Leonard if you are embarking on the Marketo adventure.