David De Sousa

As a recent Marketo user, I was first trained in-house on the different graphic assets for emailing creation within a marketing department as a graphic designer, then I moved on to the automation side, and it was when I took this step that I turned to Merlin/Leonard’s training courses.

I needed to follow a didactic training course run by professionals. The complete training course enabled me to go back over what I’d learned with a different eye, and also to discover new functionalities. It enabled me to broaden my field of action and validate my skills. I highly recommend Merlin/Leonard’s training courses.

Charlette Gauthier

Sylvain, who trained us, was able to adapt to our needs and existing knowledge and help us with both structural/organizational points and more technical/practical details. He gave us perspectives on more advanced marketing automation projects.
A clearer vision of the tool and more serene use after this training.

Déborah Pambi

Many thanks to Sylvain for his pedagogy, his passion for marketing automation and his patience. This training course has enabled me to become more autonomous with the Marketo tool, and to significantly reduce the time spent on it.

Evelina Tetu

Sylvain gave us a clearer vision of the tool and its functionalities, and showed us just how far we can go in its day-to-day use. This training has also projected us towards more advanced uses in marketing automation, which we can’t wait to put in place.
A big thank you to Sylvain for your pedagogy, your obvious passion for marketing automation and your patience.

Grégory Coste

This training is essential to discover the functioning and the possibilities of Marketo. Vincent shows pedagogy and adapts to his audience, either to linger on sticking points or to accelerate the pace when you master certain marketing aspects. At the same time, I discovered a pragmatic working method that allows me to avoid many mistakes. I recommend Merlin/Leonard to any marketer who wants to learn how to use Marketo to achieve performance

Béatrice Loriot

As a B2B Marketing Ops specialist, I like to know what products my clients are using or could use. So I took the Marketo training offered by Merlin/Leonard. A big thank you to Sylvain for his pedagogy and his complete, well structured approach. Many exercises were proposed to us to take action and test our understanding. Exchanging with other participants also allowed new ideas to emerge and to share trends.

Laetitia Glet-Demery

As a user of Marketo for a few years, some aspects of the solution were familiar to me, others much less so. Thanks to this certification preparation course, I was able to review all the functionalities and best practices in Marketing Automation. But above all, it allowed me to understand the subtleties of testing thanks to numerous practical exercises and pre-tests organized during these 3 days. I highly recommend this training if you want to be Marketo certified.

Véronique Serres

Already a user of a marketing automation tool, I had specific questions about the blockages I had encountered. Sylvain being a user himself, we were able to talk about best practices. We discussed concrete cases and started creating my first campaigns together. Sylvain was able to adapt to our business issues, to my level of knowledge of marketing automation and to our priorities. More than an integrator, he acted as an advisor. With pedagogy, he guided me in my reflection on my past mistakes and on the possibilities offered by a marketing automation tool. Thank you Sylvain!

Tanguy Nicolas

Very good training from Vincent who adapted to our needs and allowed us to go even further!

Natacha Parvez

The Merlin/Leonard Essentials training proved to be indispensable to our on-boarding on the solution. Sylvain knew how to popularize and dedicate Marketo, which is very powerful but extremely complex, especially when it comes to setting up the tool. Sylvain allows us to save a precious time at each of his interventions and reassures us about our initiatives, before their implementation. Sylvain’s dual marketing/technical skills are a real plus and we consider him more of a partner than an integrator. I can only recommend Merlin/Leonard if you are embarking on the Marketo adventure.

Glwadys Rialland

A big thank you to Sylvain for the Marketo Essentials training. A very well constructed two day course that covers many aspects: data model customization, data integration, building marketing assets and an end-to-end campaign… and more generally understanding the pillars of Marketo. Sylvain is an experienced integrator and trainer, expert in the Marketo solution and CRM systems but also extremely educational. Able to juggle business issues to the most technical subjects, all explained with simplicity!

Naowelle Tocchio-Paris

Very satisfied with the proposed training, good advice, a trainer who listens. We had the time to deepen and personalize the training so that it meets our real needs. I highly recommend it!